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Jeff Cobb On Why He Thinks His WWE 2014 Tryout Didn’t Lead To A Contract


During his interview with Chris Van Vliet, Jeff Cobb spoke on his 2014 tryout with the WWE, stating that he felt like the WWE already had similar wrestlers to him and how he wasn’t interested in doing a reality show in Tough Enough. Here’s what he had to say:

That’s when I did my tryout with them, and that’s when I meant they didn’t want me. At the time, if you looked at that roster back then, they had one of everything almost. I don’t know if they were trying to collect them. Chad Gable was there so they had an Olympian already. Kona Reeves was there so they already had a Hawaiian guy. So maybe they filled their quotas for what they needed in there. So I was like cool, I get it. I wasn’t mad at them, and I definitely didn’t go online and bash them. It was go do other stuff and let them come after you again. They asked me if I wanted to do Tough Enough. I just didn’t wanna do reality TV. I wanna be a wrestler, that’s what I am. I’m not knocking anybody that’s gone that route because a bunch of people have gone through it and made it. For me personally, that’s just not me.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: Chris Van Vliet. H/T 411Mania.

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