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Ricky Steamboat Doesn’t Think He’ll Compete For WWE or AEW, Says He Understands His Limitations


WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. about his in-ring return for Big Time Wrestling next month, where the former world champion will be teaming up with FTR to take on Jay Lethal, Brock Anderson, and a mystery opponent.

During the interview, Steamboat is asked whether he sees himself wrestling a big match for WWE or AEW. See what he had to say in the highlights below.

Whether he sees himself wrestling a big match for WWE or AEW:

I really don’t think, I don’t think so. Going down to Pritchard’s ring, understanding my limitations and just going to give it one more shot. I don’t have the type of ego to where I need to go out there, whether it’s to enjoy it or whether to prove something that I can still do it. I don’t have that mindset. I’m looking at this really as a big thank you to all the fans in Raleigh. That’s basically, and the reasons that I gave. Being in the ring for the first time and the support. Being in the ring the first time with the world champion, the support they gave me through the eight years that I campaigned throughout the Carolinas. And that’s the reason, I’m passing off a big thank you card to the wrestling fans. That’s what come to my mind.

Admits to not watching much WWE these days:

To be honest, I had not watched a whole lot. But what I have watched, and also what I’ve heard, is I like the fact that you have to bring wrestling to 2022, but they have not relinquished, I believe the foundation of the business and some of the old school stuff. The business was founded and carried for so many years on the ideology of the way I worked and Flair worked and all that. And I still see it being sprinkled among the young kids out there now. So I feel good about it, as long as they continue to do that, the psychology of the business, and keep bringing it back. I mean, it worked for so many years and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?


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