AEW Dynamite 10/12/22 Results


AEW is headed north of the border for the first time ever, and you can bet they’ll be bringing Chris Jericho. Let’s see what else we can expect tonight:

  • AEW All-Atlantic Title: Pac (c) vs. Orange Cassidy
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm
  • Billy Gunn vs. Swerve Strickland
  • Jungle Boy vs. Luchasaurus
  • Ring of Honor World Title: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Bryan Danielson

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AEW Dynamite 10/12/22

Live from the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! AEW has ventured into international waters for the first time EVER, and tonight we are joined by Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz on commentary.

AEW’s newest signing is here…Renee Paquette!

Renee welcomes Canada’s own Christian Cage to the stage. Christian guarantees a victory tonight, just like the Toronto Maple Leafs losing in the first round of the playoffs. Christian then introduces us to Luchasaurus, and it looks like we’re getting right to business.

Match #1. Jungle Boy vs. Luchasaurus

Shotgun dropkick by Jungle boy and a Christian Cage uppercut to Luchasaurus to start. Luchasaurus catches Jungle Boy in midair and connects with a wheelbarrow suplex to the dismay of the crowd. Luchasaurus uppercuts Jungle Boy over the ropes to the outside and the dinosaur is getting the tables. Luchasaurus misses an overhand chop and connects with the ring post. Jungle Boy now wrenches the dinosaur’s hand but that doesn’t last as Jungle Boy gets sent into the guard rail. Luchasaurus is in control now, sending Jungle Boy into the turnbuckles upside down and stomping on him in the corner. Luchasaurus charges Jungle Boy in the corner but only connects with the ring post before falling to the outside. Jungle Boy looks for a suicide dive through the table but winds up getting caught, and then hurricanrana-ing Luchasaurus into the ring post. The dino is on the apron teetering over the table and here’s Jungle Boy… running sunset bomb through the table! Luchasaurus sits up Undertaker-style in the middle of the ring as Christian gets Jungle Boy’s attention. Reverse Attitude Adjustment by Luchasaurus gets a two count. Luchasaurus sets Jungle Boy up on the top rope but winds up getting crotched as Jungle Boy is in control now. Tree of Woe by Jungle Boy but Luchasaurus catches him with a head scissor/face buster on the way in. Choke slam by Luchasaurus! One, two, no! Luchasaurus has Jungle Boy in a fireman’s carry but Jungle Boy counters into a Crucifix Bomb! Two count! Poison rana by Jungle Boy! Kill Switch by Jungle Boy! One, two, thr — no! Two count! Jungle Boy delivers some ground and pound and locks in the Snare Trap! Luchasaurus barely makes his way to the ropes and now Jungle Boy shifts his focus to Christian. Jungle Boy goes up top but again, Christian is there, and Luchasaurus is able to chokeslam Jungle Boy off the top rope! Cut Throat gets the win!

Winner: Jungle Boy

Rating: ***1/4. While this whole feud has been somewhat start and stop, this match was pretty straightforward. Jungle Boy is such a natural underdog the crowd loves him, and the crowd definitely made this match. Probably Luchasaurus’ best singles match, but I just don’t know how far he can go. Jungle Boy yet again comes up short.

Matt Hardy and Private Party interrupt The Firm’s interview time. Stokely has bought Private Party’s contracts, which sets up a match between Isiah Kassidy and Ethan Page on Rampage. If Page wins, The Firm owns Hardy. If Kassidy wins, Private Party are free.

Match #2. WarJoe vs. Nick Comoroto & QT Marshall

Manhattan drop by Joe on QT. Dropkick and a senton by Joe. QT eats about 10 jabs in the corner. Muscle Buster attempt early but Comoroto makes the saves but gets tossed to the outside. Joe evades a diving QT in the only way he knows how. Wardlow is in and connects with a headbutt to QT. Lariat by Wardlow. Comoroto tags himself in but gets hit with a belly-to-belly suplex. Two. A third attempt is blocked but a spinebuster lands. Senton by Wardlow. Kokina Clutch. Finito.

Winners: WarJoe

Rating: **. Just enough to not be considered a total squash, but I’ve got to admit, Joe and Wardlow are quite the entertaining pair. Maybe it’s just the crowd, who are electric tonight, but WarJoe is working.

After the match, it’s a powerbomb symphony to QT… but here comes The Embassy. Brian Cage said The Gates of Agony had FTR on the ropes last week. Cue FTR.

FTR said they don’t want to ask WarJoe to work on Friday night, but they seem to be outnumbered. What time does Rampage start? TEN. TEN. TEN.

Shawn Spears is here to a positive reaction in his hometown! Aaron Solo gets hit with the Big Rig just because.

Match #3. Swerve vs. Billy Gunn

“Oh, scissor me, daddy” chants ring out through the arena and man, Canadiens are really good are chants. Shoulder blocks by Gunn to start who teases taking his pants off early. Swerve with a double jump to the outside and a low springboard dropkick to the… thigh? That might have been a little low there, but Gunn heads to the outside. Swerve throws Gunn into the guard rail a few times and looks for the quick pin on the inside. Gunn charges Swere in the corner but meets a boot to the face and an axe handle. Swerve focuses on the left leg now, trying to chop down the bigger man. Gunn now laying on the outside and Swerve comes over the top with a plancha/knee drop to Gunn’s knee. Swerve hits the ropes but Gunn catches him with a tilt a whirl slam. Clotheslines by Gunn now and a jackhammer, but no cover. Gunn looking for the FameAsser after the self scissor but Swerve shoves him off. Knee breaker by Swerve and a Rolling Thunder Flatliner. Swerve goes up top… Swerve Stomp! Long two count! Swerve looks for the Swerve Kick but reverses into a Cobra Clutch slam that Swerve rolls through. Swerve grabs the ropes with a cradle and gets the three.

Winner: Swerve

Rating: **. This was a fine wrestling match and advanced the story between Swerve in Our Glory and The Acclaimed, but did we need to protect Billy Gunn here?

The Acclaimed come out to check on DadAss but here’s Smart Mark Sterling. Sterling reminds The Acclaimed that Sterling now owns the trademark to the term “scissor me” in professional wrestling. Acclaimed can no longer scissor in the ring, and all money sold from their merch goes to Sterling. SCISSOR ME, DADDY NESE!

MJF is here with Alex Marvez, only to get interrupted by Stokely Hathaway. MJF tells Stokely he doesn’t need to be interrupted, and he didn’t need the help last week, so Stokely should take his Carlton Banks wardrobe and get to stepping. MJF doesn’t know if he was going to shake Wheeler Yuta’s hand last week, but he has no problem being the villain, because he doesn’t even like himself when he steps through the curtain. MJF says he has stories of William Regal, and he doesn’t want to have to share them.

Tony Schiavone is here and welcomes Jon Moxley to the ring. Moxley quickly takes the mic from Schiavone and damn, it is good to be in Toronto. Being a world champion isn’t all fun and games, people think this is what they want, but they don’t. Moxley says the world champion doesn’t have the luxury of being anxious, it’s a dirty job and you’ve got to be ruthless and indiscriminate. But gosh darn it, Moxley loves this job. That brings us to the cowboy himself, Hangman Page.

Here comes Hangman.

Hangman says he would be lying if he said that the comments Moxley made about him last week did not mean the world to him. Moxley is a hell of a champion, father, husband, and there have been times when Hangman saw the man he wanted to be in Moxley. Moxley shattered the illusions last week when he called Hangman a “kid” last week.

Moxley doesn’t think Hangman is the same guy that knocked him off a 20-foot ladder a year ago. Hangman says he hesitated in May and it cost him. All of Hangman’s friends have disappeared, including his old friends. Hangman is a 31-year-old man, a husband, a father, and he’s a man, damn it. Hangman punches himself in the face several times and MJF is eating popcorn. Hangman knows what he has to do in Cincinatti next week and he will beat Moxley within an inch of his life in front of his family next week. Hangman has a shot and will take it next week. Hangman wanted to tell Moxley that face to face and man to man, unlike MJF.

Match #4. Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Bryan Danielson

Surprise surprise, we’ve got the “Lionheart” Chris Jericho tonight, which is awesome because we get White Zombie. Quick roll up by Danielson gets a two. Both men now trading heavy chops as expected but with Danielson getting the better of it. Slingshot by Danielson sends Jericho to the outside and Danielson follows with a suicide dive as the Toronto crowd sings Judas. Body shots in the corner by Danielson and a mounted ten punches in the corner. Jericho now responds with ten of his own followed by a top rope Frankensteiner! Jericho doesn’t bother with a cover and instead plays to the crowd, which allows Danielson to get the upper hand and light up Jericho’s chest with kicks. Head kick by Danielson to a kneeling Jericho gets a two count. Heavy chops by Jericho elicit heavier chops by Danielson and a body slam. Body lock now by Danielson before focusing the attack on Jericho’s lower back with headbutts and forearm strikes. Jericho hits the ropes and catches Danielson sleeping with a DDT. Danielson retreats to the apron and Jericho connects with a double jump dropkick and a plancha to the outside. Jericho sends Danielson into the guard rail before rolling him back in the ring. Jericho goes up top but Danielson swipes the legs out and heads up himself. Avalanche butterfly suplex by Danielson! Labell Lock attempt by Danielson and it’s locked in! Jericho fights out and somehow locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Danielson sweeps him and now is delivering some ground and pound from open guard. Danielson now steps through with his own Walls of Jericho! Cradle by Jericho however gets two. High kick by Danielson drops Jericho for a 2.99 count. Danielson traps the far arm and its elbow city, baby. Jericho stands up with the fireman’s carry and delivers an Attitude Adjustment for two. Jericho misses a Lionsault as Danielson comes off the top with a flying knee. Danielson goes up and delivers another knee. A third attempt by Danielson but Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker for another two! Both men are trading strikes back in the center of the ring now as Danielson ducks the Judas Effect and Jericho shoves Danielson directly into Paul Turner. Double clothesline and both men are down but here comes Parker and Menard with the ROH title. Jericho grabs the belt and looks to take out Danielson, but here’s Daniel Garcia! Garcia grabs the belt from Jericho as Danielson lands the Psycho Knee! Garcia then takes measure and drills Danielson! Menard rolls the referee in the ring and Jericho gets the pin.

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

Rating: ***3/4. Yet another stellar showing from Jericho and Danielson, despite falling a little short of their previous encounters. The ending was a little overbooked for me, but it furthers the story and probably gives us an excellent professional wrestling match between Daniel Garcia and Bryan Danielson at Full Gear. The Ring of Jericho continues.

The Jericho Appreciation Society celebrate after the win as the Blackpool Combat Club come to Danielson’s aid.

Match #5. Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

Hayter and Shida exchange dropkicks to start and here comes Storm. Storm beat downs Hayter and delivers a running thrust kick much to the dismay of the fans. Running hip attack in the corner is thwarted by Baker which allows Hayter to superkick Storm. Back from break here and Shida blocks a ripcord elbow from Baker and hits a rising knee. Mounted punches now in the corner by Shida but Hayter looks to help Britt, but Shida superplexes her inside the ring from the apron. Shida then suplexes Baker on to Hayter. Springboard meteora by Shida to Britt gets two! Kitana attempt by Shida is blocked by Baker and Shida connects a uranage back breaker. Storm in now with a cazadora bulldog but here’s Baker with a fisherman’s neckbreaker! Phew. Britt grabs the glove as Shida tries to fight off both women but Shida eats a double super kick. Basement lariat by Hayter and a stomp from Baker but Storm breaks up the pin. Storm tosses Hayter to the outside and launches off the bottom rope with a tornado DDT to Baker! Sliding elbow by Shida and short angle piledriver by Storm! Hayter throws Shida into Storm to break up the pin. Headbutt by Storm to Hayter and a Disaster Kick by Shida. tornado DDT to Hayter off the apron to the outside by Storm! Britt grabs a cradle for two inside the ring before looking for the Lockjaw but Shida rolls out. Elbow by Shida and a Falcon Arrow get two! Britt rolls through, Shida rolls through, both women counter roll throughs until Shida gets the win!

Winners: Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

Rating: ***1/4. No surprise here, these four women are seemingly incapable of having bad matches together. It sure felt like they may have been running a little short on time and kicked it into high gear from the start, and the fans in attendance loved every second. Full Gear is about a month away, and I’ve got no idea who’s next up for an AEW Women’s World Title shot at Toni Storm, since these women all seem to be trading wins here.

Match #6. AEW All-Atlantic Title: Pac (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Commentary wants to know if Pac is burning the candle at both ends, and if using the hammer is the actions of a desperate man? Interesting take. Spinning back kick by Pac and a single leg dropkick early. Pump kicks in the corner by Pac who now deliver Orange Cassidy’s own kicks to him. Cassidy kips up and hits a missile dropkick and a suicide dive to the outside but gets caught and Pac delivers a NASTY Falcon Arrow on the outside. Pac firmly in control throughout the break. Pac drags Orange Cassidy up the ramp and hits a tombstone on stage! Cassidy uses the ramp to roll his way down and just beat the count. Referee Bryce Remsberg stops Pac from going for the hammer and told Pac he’s seen his last two matches. Suicide dive from Orange Cassidy. Another suicide dive but Cassidy turns it into a tilt a whirl DDT! Inside the ring, another DDT! Orange Punch! One, two, no! Cassidy goes up top but Pac rolls to the apron. Pac catches Cassidy coming off the top on the apron but Cassidy counters into a Beach Break! Cassidy drops the elbow pad… Orange Punch but Pac counters! Nothern Light’s suplex by Pac and Pac maintains wrist control before locking in the Brutalizer! Cassidy rolls into the ropes and Pac isn’t happy. Pac rolls to the outside to get the hammer but someone grabs it from him… it’s Danhausen! Pac is cursed! Pac then drops Danhausen and snots on him. Gross. Referee Bryce Remsberg grabs the hammer from Pac but Pac grabs another one from under the apron. Pac runs right into a right hand. Cassidy grabs the hammer right in front of the referee…. but drops it. Roll up by Pac gets two. Orange Punch drops Pac. Orange Punch number two. Pac is out!

Winner and NEW AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

Rating: ***3/4. Orange Cassidy finally wins gold in AEW! Pac is so damn good, and these two work so well together. The announcers set up the match and the angle on a silver platter pre-match, and the match developed the story. In the words of Excalibur… you’ve got to give the people what they want!

Post-match, the Best Friends celebrate with a hug.

Final Thoughts: Quite the ride on tonight’s show, but as is pretty common with AEW, they sent the fans home happy. Full Gear is about a month away so it seems like some of the seeds are being planted for that show, while delivering some really good pro wrestling tonight (Jericho/Danielson, Cassidy/Pac, six-women tag). Next week is a special episode of Dynamite on Tuesday, and we had a really good segment between Hangman and Moxley to build the anticipation, with a just a sprinkle of MJF, who’s got his poker chip ready and waiting. Easy watch tonight. 7.75/10.

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