Novak Djokovic shows respect for Stefanos Tsitsipas: It is always tough against him


Novak Djokovic said it was a big battle when he met Stefanos Tsitsipas in the 2021 French Open and noted he respects the Greek ahead of their Australian Open final.

In the 2021 French Open final, Djokovic recovered from two sets down to beat Tsitsipas. 

Now, Djokovic and Tsitsipas are set to meet again in a Grand Slam final, this time at the Australian Open. 

“I think it was the first time I came from two sets to love down in a Grand Slam final. It was also his first Grand Slam final. It was a really physical, emotional, mental battle, it always is with Stefanos,” Djokovic said of his 2021 French Open final against Tsitsipas, per the Australian Open website

Djokovic: Tsitsipas has improved, I respect him

Nearly two years have passed since Djokovic and Tsitsipas met in the French Open final. 

Now, Djokovic says Tsitsipas has improved since their last Grand Slam final. 

“I respect (Tsitsipas) a lot. He has improved over the years. I actually think he is one of the most interesting guys off the tour, with his interests off the court, his hairstyle and all, but it’s all business on Sunday for both of us. Let the better player win,” Djokovic said.

When Djokovic and Tsitsipas meet in the Australian Open final, it will be their 13th meeting.

So far, Djokovic has had far more success in their meetings as he owns a 10-2 head-to-head against Tsitsipas.

After their first three meetings, Tsitsipas had a 2-1 head-to-head against Djokovic.

Since then, Djokovic has won their last nine meetings. 

Also, Djokovic has played in over 32 Grand Slam finals. 

On the other side, Tsitsipas is set for his second Grand Slam final.

Going into the match, Djokovic is the favorite to beat Tsitsipas. 

Just a couple of days ago, Tsitsipas said he is a different player now.

It remains to be seen if Tsitsipas can upset Djokovic for his first Grand Slam title.

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