Australian Open boss Craig Tiley: I advised Novak Djokovic, his family to be careful


Australian Open Craig Tiley revealed he spoke extensively with Novak Djokovic and the Serb’s family after Novak’s father Srdjan was filmed alongside pro-Russia supporters.

During their conversation, Tiley told the Djokovic family to be careful since they have a platform and whatever they do makes the headlines.

On Wednesday, Srdjan was filmed alongside pro-Russia reporters and it was reported that he said in the video: “Long live the Russians.”

Later, Serbian journalists and Djokovic said it was mistranslated. 

“I did spend a fair amount of time talking to the Djokovic family. My advice is that you have to be really careful because if this is an event of global significance, it’s a platform. When you have hundreds of thousands of people to come through the gate, you’re going to naturally have some people that are coming here with an intention to be disruptive, and don’t get yourself caught in the middle of that. And they completely understand that. The family were very good. They were upset that it was taken that way. There was no intention of it. His dad particularly does not support war, and they’re very focused on supporting peace,” Tiley told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Tiley advised the Djokovic family to be careful

On Friday, Djokovic defeated Tommy Paul in the Australian Open semifinal.

Djokovic’s father Srdjan wasn’t in the stands as before the match collective decision was made not to have him at Rod Laver Arena on Friday.

After beating Paul, Djokovic addressed the incident from Wednesday. 

“I heard what he said in the video. He said, Cheers. Unfortunately, some of the media have interpreted that in a really wrong way. I’m sorry that that has escalated so much,” Djokovic said.

On Sunday, Djokovic will be facing Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Australian Open final. 

On Friday, Djokovic confirmed he is hoping to have his father Srdjan back in the stands for the Australian Open final. 

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