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AEW Rampage “Quake by the Lake” Results


After a red-hot finish to Dynamite, the Quake by the Lake continues! Let’s see what tonight looks like:

  • Parker Boudreaux vs. Sonny Kiss
  • BeardHausen vs. The Ass Boys
  • AAA World Mixed Tag Team Title: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo vs. Dante Martin & Skye Blue
  • Orange Cassidy vs. Ari Daivari

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AEW Dynamite “Quake by the Lake”

Bryan Danielson is kicking us off tonight with Tony Schiavone already in the ring. Danielson says that he will never stop wrestling, and nobody will end his career. Schiavone reminds us Daniel Garcia calls him the “dragon slayer”, and that doesn’t sit well with Danielson.

Enter Daniel Garcia.

Garcia says Danielson is his hero, and his constant retiring and unretiring makes Garcia hurt, and that makes Garcia want to hurt Danielson. Garcia says he wants to retire Danielson, and become the greatest “technical sports entertainer” in the world.

Danielson says the term “sports entertainment” is bullshit, and Garcia is one of the people that he named when he wanted to start the Blackpool Combat Club. Danielson saw Garcia go 90 minutes in front of 200 people, and he’s one of the best young wrestlers in the world. Danielson wants Garcia to decide if he wants to be the best sports entertainer, or the best wrestler?

Match #1. AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo (c) vs. Dante Martin & Skye Blue

Brawl to start as the women head outside. Martin hits Guevara with a bunch of double legs and delivers some ground and pound before Melo tags herself in. With the tag to Melo, that means Skye Blue is in automatically. Blue hits a cross body to start and both women trade hard slaps. Melo grabs a leg lace and transitions into a lower body capture crossface before transitioning into a cradle for two. Step-up knee strike by Blue. Another. Enziguiri by Blue but Sammy trips her up from the outside which allows Tay to deliver a pump kick to the face. Pair of uchimatas by Melo and some arm trapped knee strikes to the stomach. Pump kick in the corner by Melo, but a second one misses. Ghetto Blaster by Blue as she makes the hot tag to Martin. Double leg by Martin and a dropkick send Sammy to the outside. Tope suicida by Martin but Melo grabs the ankle. Martin drags Melo in the ring and springboards off of Melo into a destroyer on Sammy! Two count. Sammy with a desperation jumping knee strike as Blue tags herself in. Tilt-a-whirl DDT by Melo to Martin! Hurricanrana off the top by Blue to Sammy! Melo drills Blue with a thrust kick and delivers the TayKO that gets the win.

Winners and STILL AAA World Mixed Tag Team Champions:

Rating: **3/4 The winners were never in doubt, but this mixed tag was fun because it’s not something we see a lot of in AEW. Sammy and Tay are so fun to hate and play their role perfectly, as Blue and Martin were super over here and all four have a bright future.

Match #2. Parker Boudreaxu vs. Sonny Kiss

Boudreaux was recreated into the TrustBuster by Ari Daviari who is apparently the richest man in wrestling? Big body block by Boudreaux to start. Goozle. Choke slam. Back suplex into a uranage sort of maneuver and that gets it done.

Winner: Parker Boudreaux

Rating: NR

Rush meets Private Party and the Butcher and the Blade. Private Party says people are sleeping on them.

Match #3. BeardHausen vs. Ass Boys

Beard and Colten start as Colten gets tossed and tags Austin immediately. Shoulder block by Beard and the Ass Boys bail. Billy sends Austin right back in the ring as Danhausen gets the tag. Danhausen looks to curse Austin but eats a right hand instead. Danhausen in the corner now and locks up a Koji Clutch through the ropes to Austin but has to break at five. Colten gets the tag and hits Danhausen with a dropkick. Danhausen gets cut off by the Gunn’s but Billy seems impressed with his resilience and gives him a thumbs up as we head to a full commercial break. Back from commercial and Beard hits the Gunn’s with a double suplex as the fans have woken up. Danhausen gets tagged back in the ring and orders Beard to hit the ropes, but Billy low bridges him. That allows Colten to hit the FameAsser for the win.

Winners: Ass Boys

Rating: *3/4. Meh at best. Needs more Danhausen.

Billy says the Ass Boys are weak and he’s got another challenge for them next week.

In the back, Swerve In Our Glory accepts the challenge from Private Party for next week.

Hook is here with Tony Schiavone. Schiavone asks Hook if the FTW title is always an open challenge? Hook says “yup.” Here comes “The Reality” Zack Clayton?


Clayton is going to take that title back to God’s Country aka New Jersey. Clayton wants to do it on Rampage next week. Hook obliges.

Alright then.

Match #4. Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends vs. Ari Daivari w/ TrustBusters

Cassidy looks for the hands in the pockets early but Ari grabs the mic and gives Orange one last chance to joint the TrustBusters. Orange lays down for Ari but then rolls to the outside. Ari follows. Orange rolls to the other side and the Best Friends give the people what they want. Back in the ring and Ari hits a mat return but Orange does all of his patented hands in the pockets spots. Ari follows Orange into the ropes and hits a neck breaker over the middle rope as we head to PIP. Hammer throw by Ari drops Orange. Hangman’s neckbreaker submission and another mat return by Ari before dumping Orange to the outside. Ari drives Orange’s back into the apron and the guard rail as Best Friends look on. Back in the ring and it’s chin lock city, baby. Orange fights out but Ari grabs a sleeper but Orange gets the pockets and backs Ari into the corner. Double clothesline in the cneter and both men are down. Ari misses a dive and eats the turnbuckle. as Orange heads up top. Ari catches him and looks to follow bur Orange pushes him off and hits a cross body block. Vertical suplex by Orange. Super kick by Orange. Orange Punch misses… uranage by Ari! Two count. Irish whip by Ari but Orange comes back with an around the world DDT. Orange heads up top and hits a diving DDT for a two count. Slim J gets on the apron but Parker grabs both Best Friends. Tope by Orange to the TrustBusters. Ari catches Orange on the top and hits an iconoclasm. Two count. Orange ducks a clothesline… Orange Punch!

Winne: Orange Cassidy

Rating: **3/4. This was fine, and that’s about it. Ari shouldn’t be getting this much time with Cassidy in a main event, at least, in my opinion.

Best Friends and TrustBusters erupt into a brawl as Boudreaxu takes out everyone nearly by himself. Cassidy stands face to face with Boudreaux but here’s Sonny Kiss. Kiss backs up Cassidy but kicks him low and joints the TrustBusters?! End scene.

Final Thoughts: Unbelievably skippable show tonight that legit had me nodding off in some points. You can’t expect people to go out of their way to watch wrestling at 10:00pm EST on a Friday night when your main event is Orange Cassidy and Ari Daivari. It was a fine enough match, but nobody is going to see that and go, “Oh man, I have to watch this!” I do like the emphasis placed on the trios tournament coming up, however. 5.5/10.

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