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What will John Schneider do with the 6th-lowest amount of draft capital?


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Seattle loses potential value without a 2nd round pick, but it’s just another opportunity for John Schneider to make much of little.

It seemed apparent during the initial press conferences with new head coach Mike Macdonald, that not only was John Schneider incredibly interested in him, but Macdonald was drawn to the Seattle Seahawks position as well.

Whatever it is about the Seahawks he likes, it certainly wasn’t the draft capital.

With a mid-round first, no second, and a couple of move-backs for the Sam Howell trade, Seattle lays claim to one of the weaker draft positions this year.

According to the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, they’re 27th.

Honestly I see a bunch of winners though.

Of note are the teams at the top, most of whom had head coaching openings this offseason. Three of the top five draft-laden organizations obviously used their position to entice prospective coaches.

I just noticed the Arizona Cardinals could draft an entire starting roster on either side of the football. They’d still be terrible.

Anyway this is not as bad as 2021, and may the events that led up to that situation rest at the bottom of the Puget Sound.

But John Schneider’s mission is to make much out of little. Things have trended up in that regard lately, with some revitalized draft success.

This situation is clearly fueling the “trade back” folks, as Schneider has often opted for more swings at rookie hits than sit around, generally.

As the Seahawks are still ranked one of the top teams in the NFC, and shed most of their 2025-and-beyond payroll, Schneider gets to try to put Seattle over the edge with only a few shots at it this week.

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