The name of his next club is dropped, Mbappé drove them all crazy


A video set fire to the powder on Tuesday, the day after the FIFA The Best ceremony which took place in Paris. We see Kylian Mbappé challenged on a possible arrival in Serie A in the future and far from kicking into touch, the star of Paris Saint-Germain has clearly explained that he will only see himself at AC Milan. Inevitably, it had the effect of a bomb on the other side of the Alps…

The future of Kylian Mbappe is still debated, even after the record extension signed last May with the PSG. The Frenchman has often been linked to the Real Madrid, but also at FC Barcelona or even to Premier League leaders, such as liverpool.

“If I come, it’s only Milan”

How about Serie A? A video that has been around the networks since Monday evening indeed shows a Kylian Mbappé, certainly ironic, but not completely closed to a future in theAC Milan. ” If I come, it’s only Milan “launched the star of the PSG, during the ceremony of FIFA The Best.

A Robinho flocked Milan jersey

Inevitably, this little video had the effect of a bomb and in Italy everyone began to dream of an arrival of Mbappe in Serie A, which at the moment is quite unlikely. Nevertheless, Sports Mediaset emerged from the snapshots of a Mbappe youngest parading with a jersey of theAC Milan flocked Robinho. Enough to maintain the rossonero dream?

The name of his next club is dropped, Mbappé drove them all crazy 24hfootnews.

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