Neymar triggered a big clash at PSG


It was a grotesque scene that took place in the bays of the Parc des Princes on January 17, 2018. Neymar scored a quadruple, offered two assists and was even hailed by the score of 10/10 from L’Équipe the day after the match. , against Dijon (8-0). A gala evening, except that not, since Neymar was whistled during his last goal, having fired a penalty promised to Edinson Cavani, who would have become the top scorer in the history of PSG if he marked it.. .

The first part of the “penalty gate” therefore took place on an evening when PSG won their biggest home victory in their history, against Dijon (8-0). Edinson Cavani had scored with just one small goal, no doubt concerned about the record he had been chasing for months: that of scoring his 157th goal in the jersey of PSG, and exceed Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That evening, it was offered to him on a platter, but Neymar was hungry for goals, not yet satisfied with his hat-trick. And the addition was tough for him, because he was taken in dislike by his own supporters, for the first time since his arrival, seven months earlier.

“Cavani is the idol of the Parc des Princes”

The journalist at Parisian David Opoczynski recounts in a podcast this sequence between Neymar And Cavani who gave birth to the “penaltygate” controversy: “ Neymar wants to take the penalties, and Edinson Cavani was the official shooter until then. Cavani who is the idol of the Parc des Princes, the player adored by Parisian supporters so we do not touch Edinson Cavani. »

“Neymar wants to leave his mark on PSG”

David Opoczynski then explain why Neymar deprived Cavani of this record goal: But Neymar has the statistics in mind and wants to leave his mark on the capital club by the number of goals scored at PSG and he wants to take the penalties since he excels in this exercise. »

Neymar triggered a big clash at PSG 24hfootnews.

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