SwimTopia Presents: Taming your Teams with Exceptional Swim League Management


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SwimTopia helps summer swim leagues relieve seasonal stress by offering a robust suite of league specific features. With SwimTopia for leagues (which includes other governing bodies like school districts), we offer everything from a free league website to handy league management features when some or all teams in the league use our software.

Some of our favorite league management features include:

  • Shared meet templates
  • Shared league waivers
  • Meet schedule imports (which push your entire season’s meet schedule down to individual team sites)
  • Organized division standings
  • League-wide communications

With SwimTopia, the data sharing between linked leagues and teams streamlines operations/saves team and league administrators a ton of time, emails, and paper. SwimTopia makes it easier than ever for league administrators to organize the chaos of summer swim season. When all teams in your league/district use SwimTopia, we make the deal even sweeter by waiving the $150/team upfront cost*.

If your league doesn’t have a website (or it’s never updated), SwimTopia is here to help! As mentioned, SwimTopia offers a free, easy to use league/district website for all governing organizations, no matter how many of the teams in your league use SwimTopia or Meet Maestro! Our free league websites offer the league one centralized location to:

  • Store important information (like league waivers, bylaws, or meet results)
  • Showcase teams
  • Organize schedules
  • Display an organized face for the league to outside parties

Interested in learning whether SwimTopia might fit your summer swim league or high school district? Reach out to our sales team at (877) 856 2940 ext. 1 or visit our site:


“We spoke with a number of other leagues throughout our area and around the country. Each one of them wholeheartedly stands behind SwimTopia and Meet Maestro. No other company understands the needs of summer league programs as well as SwimTopia does; they really get what our teams need to make their jobs easier, and their customer service is second to none.”
Franke Marsden, Atlanta Swim Association

*If all league/district teams are invoiced under a league-wide billing plan





SwimTopia, launched in 2011, has become a team management mainstay in the summer recreational market. Known for its user-centric interface, robust arsenal of features, and learnability, SwimTopia has made running swim teams as simple as possible. The features suite includes: registration, communications, team store capabilities, meet and volunteer sign up, and reporting. 

SwimTopia’s meet management solution Meet Maestro has the same fluid functionality and is included with every SwimTopia account. Meet Maestro makes it easy to create swim meets, create entries, and seamlessly run meets through a browser. In tandem with SwimTopia’s mobile app, users can receive updates for “favorite” swimmers, view live results, receive swim reminders and results notifications, and see an overview of their family’s account (with best times, volunteer points, and more).

Receptive and adaptive, SwimTopia’s “customer first” mentality has helped the company grow to benefit the swim team market. Find out if SwimTopia is a fit for you! Start a free trial here or request a live features demo here.

SwimSwam: SwimTopia Presents: Taming your Teams with Exceptional Swim League Management

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