Privileged Mbappé, the PSG locker room will hallucinate


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While PSG is going through a very complicated new season, the summer transfer window promises to be crucial. However, Luis Campos reportedly announced in the locker room that the club’s intention was to lower its payroll by 50%… except for Kylian Mbappé.

After a complicated season, PSG is about to experience a more than decisive transfer window. Several recruits are expected, but for that, it will be necessary to sell in order to recover funds to invest in the transfer market. And in addition to slimming down its workforce, the PSG will also have to reduce its payroll, and according to Eduardo Inda, Luis Campos would have let the locker room know.

“Luis Campos spoke to the PSG locker room”

Luis Campos spoke in the PSG locker room. The team is doing so well that they are practically eliminated from everything and in the league, if they go out of the way, they will lose it “, explains the director ofOK Diario on the set of Chiringuitosbefore detailing the announcement of the sports adviser of the PSG.

A 50% drop in payroll, except for Mbappé

Luis Campos entered the locker room quite indignant and told the players about a general wage cut, obviously not for Mbappé, of 50% », adds Eduardo Inda. Therefore, the wage gap between Kylian Mbappe and the rest of the group is likely to grow further.

Privileged Mbappé, the PSG locker room will hallucinate 24hfootnews.

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