MultiVersus Ranked Mode Returning with Next Update


MultiVersus updates have slowed a down bit recently. This has meant one broken feature stayed out of the game for a bit longer than players might have wanted. MultiVersus Ranked Mode has been missing since mid-March after a bug was discovered that made performance dramatically worse for some players. We now have confirmation of MultiVersus Ranked mode returning!

MultiVersus Ranked Mode Returning

The MultiVersus Ranked Mode was disabled since march 16th. While the exact details of the bug weren’t disclosed, some players had run into it already. The issue made their performance drop significantly while playing in Ranked mode. Since MultiVersus ranked mode is where you go to test your skills, some players having huge performance issues was bound to cause major problems. It basically removes the fair fight element that stands behind a ranked mode in any game.

It’s been broken ever since, after having taken quite a while to get added in the first place. We now know when we can expect to see MultiVersus Ranked Mode returning though. Developers have clarified on Twitter that MultiVersus ranked has been re-enabled, and it will be active in the game once again. You can jump back in and try to rise up the ranks by playing the top characters in the MultiVersus tier list.

When Does the Next Season of MultiVersus Start?

MultiVersus Ranked Mode Returning

Source: Player First Games

MultiVersus has definitely fallen behind a bit on its originally advertised schedules. It’s been ages since the last new fighter was added in MultiVersus patch notes and new seasons have gotten much slower. Fans are still holding out that the next big update will fulfil more of the game’s potential. When can we expect Season 3 to come though?

Along with MultiVersus Ranked Mode returning, we’re getting closer to the next season. The current estimated arrival is going to be in April. That means we could only have a few more weeks to wait until we see what’s coming next for the game.

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