Apex Legends Could Run for Another Decade


Respawn’s Apex Legends is a few years into its life but it’s always finding ways to reinvent itself. According to recent updates from the developers, Apex Legends might run for another decade!

In recent years games as a live service have changed the way we think about some areas of gaming. For titles like Apex, it means they can potentially run and run. While some games that could run for a long time meet an early end, there isn’t really anything other than player interest and developer support that can stop one of these games from staying supported indefinitely. Recent news means that Apex Legends might have quite a while longer left to run than some would have assumed.

Apex Legends Could Run for Another Decade

Apex Legends Could Run Another Decade

Source: Respawn

Recently we’ve seen the developer behind Apex Legends, Respawn, take steps to expand the game’s support with a third development team opening! This is particularly great news given that we’ve recently had some pretty bad bugs in the game. We’ve seen an event collection tracker break and stay that way until the event’s end. Then the ALGS was crushed by server crashes the next weekend. Expanding the development team is definitely going to help with problems like that.

Speaking in an interview talking about the recent expansion, the game’s director has said that they’re looking to keep Apex going for as many as 10 or 15 years! This would mean a huge run for Apex Legends.

We don’t know what kind of Apex roster of characters we’d have by that point but the roster is probably going to be much bigger! Expanding out to a third development team will help to keep content flowing steadily. There have been some issues in recent seasons, which has led to a current season working on the existing Legends rather than expanding out to have even more. There are problems that need addressing if we’ve got another decade to come. Players who wonder is Apex Legends dying might be surprised at this huge commitment.

This third Apex Legends studio is going to help to keep things fresh. If the title is sticking around for another 100 years, then it’s going to need it!

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