How to Defuse in CS:GO – Ultimate CT Strategy


Do you know how to defuse in CS:GO? If you’ve ever played CS:GO before, you’ll know that defusing the bomb is crucial for a CT victory. The T side, however, will be doing their utmost to ensure that that doesn’t happen. While planting a bomb can help terrorists win the round, counter-terrorists can win by defusing the bomb before it explodes, even if some Ts are still alive.

But defusing a bomb is not as simple as it may seem, and requires quick thinking, strategic planning, and precise execution. It plays a huge role in CS:GO esports and pub matches. Here’s a guide on how to defuse in CS:GO!

CSGO bomb

How to Defuse Bombs in CS:GO – Step by Step

Step 1 – Find the bomb

This is pretty obvious. A bomb can be planted in various locations on a map, and the first thing a counter-terrorist should do is to identify the location of the bomb. Once the bomb is located, the CT team can coordinate their efforts to defuse it.

Step 2 – Clear the area around the bomb

You don’t have to kill all the Ts to defuse, but it certainly helps! The terrorists may have set up traps or be hidden nearby, so it’s crucial to ensure the area is secure before attempting to defuse the bomb. The CTs should work together to clear the area, using flashbangs and smoke grenades to disorient and distract the terrorists.

Step 3 – Start defusing!

Once the area is clear, the CTs can begin defusing the bomb. To defuse a bomb, the player needs to hold the “use” key near the bomb and wait for the defusal process to complete. The defusal process takes 10 seconds, and the player must keep the key pressed during this time. However, if the player moves, releases the key, or gets hit by an enemy, the defusal process will be interrupted and must be restarted.

T Side Strategies – Don’t get caught out

To make the defusal process more challenging, the Ts may have planted the bomb in a space where it’s difficult to find. Even the best CS:GO players may struggle to find it! Remember as well that planting the bomb will automatically reset the round timer so keep your eye on it while working out how to defuse in CS:GO.

Another important aspect of defusing a bomb is teamwork. A lone player trying to defuse a bomb is an easy target for the Ts, and is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, the CT team should work together to secure the area, cover each other’s backs, and provide support during the defusal process.

Finally, players should remember to practise defusing bombs. There are various training maps available in CS:GO that allow players to practise their defusal skills in a safe environment. By practising, players can improve their timing, accuracy, and reaction time, which are essential for successful defusals.

Defusing a bomb in CS:GO is a challenging task that requires skill, teamwork, and quick thinking. Understanding when to go for the defuse is a great way to get better at CS:GO. Players should first locate the bomb, clear the area, and work together to secure the site. They should be aware of decoys and fake defuse kits, and keep their eyes open for any enemy activity. By following these tips and practising their skills, players can become experts at defusing bombs in CS:GO.

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