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Does Les Snead read Turf Show Times?


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Rams general manager named dropped reddit user “Dangling__Fury” during press conference rant

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead is never afraid to be himself. There’s more than a decade of “let’s call it’s” and press conferences where he dons chic glasses, and still Snead finds ways to surprise us with his uniqueness.

The latest example came when Snead and head coach Sean McVay’s met with media just before the onset of the 2024 NFL Draft. Unprompted, Snead name dropped reddit user “Dangling__Fury” who claimed to have inside sources that indicated the Rams would trade up in the first round to select an offensive tackle. Hilariously, Snead said, “Man, he doesn’t know coach McVay” in reference to LA’s leading man often being enticed by skill position players over linemen.

Snead says the Rams’ IT folks brought “Dangling”, who the GM appears to be on a first name basis with, to his attention. However, the only logical next question is this:

Does Les Snead read Turf Show Times?

If I had to put money on it, I’d say LA’s general manager most enjoys Blaine Grisak’s incredible “Snead’s Snacks” series. Blaine has identified current Rams players and former draft picks in this series, including Cobie Durant, Robert Rochell, Davis Allen, Desjuan Johnson, Byron Young, and Nick Hampton. It’s some of the best pre-draft content you can find on the Rams.

While the original insinuation was done by Adam Schefter and ESPN, TST’s Kenneth Arthur did cover Snead’s connection to Bo Nix’s father dating back to their time at Auburn. This connection was also referenced by Snead during the press conference before going on an extended analysis of Patrick Nix’s first pass attempt of the season. LA’s interest in the former Oregon and Auburn quarterback appears to be heating up ahead of the draft later this week.

It’s OK if Snead does occasionally stop by TST. He sure wouldn’t be alone, as we are the top rated site on the internet for Rams-related content.

Check back for more this week as Turf Show Times team covers the draft. What moves are you expecting the team to make when the fun gets started on Thursday night?

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