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Dirty Dango Recalls Funny Backstage Interaction With The Rock While In WWE


Pro-wrestling star Dirty Dango (fka Fandango) was the latest guest on Insight With Chris Van Vilet where the former NXT tag champion spoke about a number of different topics, which included him sharing a story of a backstage interaction he had with the Rock during his time in WWE. Highlights are below.

How the Rock asked him for his gimmick name and he kept giving him his shoot name:

He came up to me at TV and goes, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’ ‘Curt, sir, how are you doing?’ ‘No, your name.’ ‘Curt, how are you doing?’ Dumbass, the fucking gimmick. ‘Oh, Fandango.’ I fucked the whole thing up. It was cool to hear him say that. It’s tough because when you’re in the land of midcard with all your other buddies and you start to get a little attention, no one really has heat with you, not saying I had heat, but when you’re not doing shit on TV, no one ever cares.

Says he’s a huge fan of The Rock:

But when you’re getting shoutouts from The Rock and WrestleMania matches, that’s when people are starting to whisper and people are getting weird backstage. it was cool to hear him say that and I’m a huge fan of Dwayne.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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