Dani Alves betrayed by CCTV?


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For several weeks now, Dani Alves, the former Barça and PSG full-back, has found himself at the center of a dark story after a woman accused him of sexual assault during a party in a nightclub in Barcelona on December 30. Placed in pre-trial detention since then, Dani Alves sees the case getting more complicated as the days go by.

The Brazilian, after multiple versions given to the police, would indeed have affirmed that it was the young woman who would have been particularly enterprising that evening. “She went straight to me. I didn’t touch that girl. My different versions? The truth is that I wanted to protect this young woman,” said Alves in statements relayed by the Catalan media Ara.

The version of Alves denied

Except that this version is seriously undermined by CCTV images that the newspaper El Peridico was able to consult. According to the Spanish media, while Dani Alves claimed to be in the private bathroom of the nightclub before the young girl joined him there, cameras show on the contrary that Dani Alves would stand at the entrance of the private room when the young woman goes there. The thesis of a Dani Alves already inside and surprised by an overly enterprising young woman is therefore seriously damaged…

To sum up

Dani Alves is still being held for a dark case of alleged sexual assault. And his version is once again undermined. According to surveillance cameras, what the former Barça and PSG side said does not hold.

Dani Alves betrayed by CCTV? 24hfootnews.

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