Tuchel’s conditions for a return to PSG


The German Thomas Tuchel told the management of PSG the context in which he would accept a return to the bench.

The hypothesis of a comeback by Thomas Tuchel on the PSG bench, more than two years after leaving him, is gaining momentum. Although fired in the middle of the financial year in 2020/2021 despite an honorable balance sheet, the German technician is ready to find the champions of France. But it will only do if certain conditions are met.

Tuchel won’t make the same mistakes as before

The British daily The Evening Standard let it be known that the former manager of the Blues wants certain guarantees for a second term on the side of the Parc des Princes. He no longer wants to relive certain annoyances he had experienced during his first stay in the French capital.

The first condition is to be protected from the power of certain players. Tuchel wants to compose his team as he sees fit and also dismiss the leading players if he deems it necessary. If he doesn’t have this latitude, he won’t risk going back to Paris. Otherwise, the same causes could produce the same consequences.

Moreover, what Tuchel would like is to be relieved of everything that is mercato. He wants to concentrate on his work as a coach, without being too involved in the movements of the players. He learned the lesson of his shady relationship with Leonardo. Now he wants to be judged only on his own skills and not on the work of others. The ball is now in Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s court. It’s up to him to decide whether or not he wants to call back his former coach. According to the latest echoes, the trend would be for an imminent approach in this direction despite the recent success of the team against Lille in the league.

Tuchel’s conditions for a return to PSG 24hfootnews.

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