Camila Giorgi, successful and super sensual: just a button and nothing underneath!


On a day conditioned by the frightening heat, which leads to a long interruption on the non-main courts of the Australian Open 2023, Camila Giorgi needs fifty-seven minutes to beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the first round of the women’s singles.

An extraordinarily orderly match that of the Italian tennis player, who commands the confrontation from the baseline against an opponent absolutely short of weapons valid enough to make the game even. She rarely dwells too much in extended rallies and rarely manages to bring the power of the first serve ball to bear.

Camila does what she wants in fifty-seven minutes: basically she leaves a single game by the wayside, closes on 6-1 6-0 with an absolutely overwhelming performance and reaches Katerina Schmiedlova in the second round, who instead overcomes Giorgi’s countrywoman Martina Trevisan in straight sets.

On the eve of the first round match in Melbourne, Camila shared an exceptionally sunsual photo. An outfit made up of a t-shirt fastened with a single button (and nothing underneath!) and a very tight denim miniskirt. Result? Her followers were amazed!

Camila expressed on false vaccination issue

The Italian tennis player also talked about the false vaccination issue. She told: “In Italy they made reports about my vaccination status but they did it before knowing the situation.

The doctor was investigated and had problems with the law. For my part, I have had all possible vaccinations in different places, it is the doctor’s problem, not mine. So I’m very calm about this situation. If it hadn’t been like this I wouldn’t have been able to come here to Australia to play, at least I think. I am in no danger at all and have no trouble to defend.

I did everything the Australian Government asked. I didn’t know about the doctor’s background, she has over 300 people she collaborated with, but I had one vaccination with her and then I had others with other doctors. Again, it’s her problem.”

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