Daria Kasatkina makes scary admission after criticizing Russia


Russian tennis star Daria Kasatkina admits she simply cannot risk going home after criticizing the country’s views on LGBT people and also speaking against Russia’s aggression on Ukraine.

Kasatkina, who is the top-ranked Russian female tennis player, came out as gay last July. 

Since Russia is not very open toward the LGBT community, it took time before 25-year-old Kasatkina found the courage and strength to come out.

After coming out, Kasatkina criticized Russia’s views on LGBT people.

Also, Kasatkina has very directly criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Last month, it was reported that a Russian politician was attempting to get Kasatkina blacklisted as a “foreign agent.”

Kasatkina cannot risk going home 

“You never know how the situation is going to turn out. But I realise that you don’t have to look too far forward because you don’t know what’s going to be around the corner. You don’t know what’s going to be tomorrow. For most people, it’s important to have the support of family, of friends. It’s been tough because, my friends, my family, they couldn’t travel, first because of Covid, then the war. It’s difficult that I cannot see the people I love, often. Actually, I can see them almost never. I didn’t see my father for two years. But it is what it is. It’s life, unfortunately. I have to say thanks that it’s not a worse scenario. I’m just happy they’re healthy and I have them,” Kasatkina said, per The Guardian

Half a year has passed since Kasatkina came out. 

When Kasatkina came out, the tennis community was very supportive of the Russian.

Reflecting on that, Kasatkina is just grateful.

“That was great because I didn’t face any negativity, especially from the people I know. This topic is very sensitive, so I was ready for some negative reaction, but there was nothing like that,” Kasatkina said.

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