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Al Snow Shares Funny Owen Hart Prank


In a recent interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Owen Hart was discussed by Al Snow. He recalled how the two-time Intercontinental Champion amused the limo driver on the way to Madison Square Garden:

“They were picked up in the limo, and immediately Owen rolled down the window, and kind of looked at Jeff [Jarrett] and grinned, and stuck his arm out the window. And as the guy, the driver, started to pull off, Owen started thumping the side of the car with his hand. And as the car sped up, he started thumping it faster. The limo driver pulled over, jumped out, and started checking the tires back by Owen and Jeff Jarrett, who was sitting in the back seat. And Owen just sat there and didn’t say anything.”

Snow continued by describing how Hart made the limo driver get out of the car at least eight to 10 times:

“He must have had that guy get out of the car probably eight to ten times. And had Jeff Jarrett just in tears, laughing. The [driver] was apologizing, he kept explaining that he thought there was something wrong with the tire. Owen just acted dumb, and was like ‘Oh, I can hear it back here. Every time you take off, we can start to hear it.’

Then it got to where he would not do it, it would go for a while, and then he would roll his window down again and stick his hand out and start doing it again and get the guy to pull over.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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