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AEW Dynamite 9/14/22 Results


In what almost feels like a rebranding of AEW, we’re officially in the post-Elite era, at least for now. With the AEW World Title Tournament in full swing, let’s see what we have on tap for tonight:

  • Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Serena Deeb
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. Lucha Brothers
  • Jay Lethal vs. Jungle Boy Jack Perry
  • Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Semi Final Match: Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson
  • Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Semi Final Match: Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara

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AEW Dynamite 9/14/22

Live from the MVP Arena in Albany, New York! Taz, Tony Schiavone, and Lord Regal are on commentary tonight and we’re starting fast!

Match #1. Grand Slam Tournament of Champion Semi Final: Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara w/ Tay Melo

Sammy bails early as Moxley looks ready to destroy someone. Sammy gets the upper hand quickly and stomps Moxley in the corner, but Moxley fires back with a huge lariat. Moxley looks to make quick work of the Spanish God but Sammy flips out of a Paradigm Shift and delivers some chops to Moxley. Sammy sidesteps a charging Moxley and follows him outside with a top con hilo and a suicide dive, right in front of the AEW World Heavyweight Title. Sammy traps Moxley’s arms and delivers a sort of curb stomp into the steel steps. Sammy taunts Moxley which allows him to regain his composure and send Sammy into the announcer’s table. Sammy is able to regain control, looking for a Gotch Style Piledriver on the apron. Moxley responds with a headbutt and a DDT on the apron! Sammy barely makes it in to the ring before the ten count as Moxley delivers some big lariats in the corner. Moxley puts Sammy on the top rope and proceeds to scratch his back and bite him in the face, before hitting an avalanche butterfly suplex. Two count. Moxley locks in a kimura but Sammy counters into a Boston Crab. Moxley gets out but Sammy his an enziguiri and a double jump cutter! One, two, no! GTH attempt by Sammy but Moxley rolls through into a bulldog choke and proceeds to choke the life out of Sammy. Hammer and Anvil elbows! Moxley hits the ropes for the King Kong lariat but Sammy counters with a Spanish Fly for a two count. Sammy goes up top but Moxley catches him… Avalanche German! Tay Melo and Anna JAS are here. Anna distracts the referee as Tay kicks Moxley in the groin. One, two, NO! Sammy goes up top but misses the senton. Seatbelt by Moxley but Sammy gets out at two. Rising knee by Sammy and a super kick. GTH by Sammy but Moxley lands on his feet… Death Rider! That’ll do it!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Rating: ***1/2. Super fun match here, and the right guy won. Jon Moxley is everything that’s right with AEW and he once again proved it here. The odds weren’t with Sammy here but he looked good in defeat. Moxley vs. the winner of Danielson and Jericho is set for next week!

MJF is here and tells Albany that if he wanted them to talk, they would know, and to keep their fat mouth shut. The crowd is still chanting for MJF, despite the fatness remark. MJF has been thinking about Moxley for seven days and MJF isn’t the same guy he was in 2020. MJF isn’t playing a character, Moxley is. Moxley is similar to everyone in Albany, a poor white trash scumbag from the sticks. Moxley was forced to drown his childhood trauma in alcohol like a worthless drunk. MJF gives Moxley credit for getting sober, but MJF’s brain is more dangerous than the disease Moxley was facing. MJF is a demon that Moxley can not slay.

MJF introduces us to the first ever stable on retainer… Stokely Hathaway and The Firm!

Stokely says it’s not Sunday, but here’s the gospel. Stokely told MJF that if he quit, he would just give everyone what they want. Stokely and The Firm are MJF’s support system, and when MJF does not need them, they will all go their separate ways. Stokely isn’t an associate, a manager, he’s a friend. Stokely is a friend with networks. Stokely mentions watching reruns of the Living Single with House of Black. Stokely now asks everyone what they want and what they’re here for.

  • Morrissey wants to do whatever he wants and gets a hug from Stokely.
  • Lee Moriarty wants to become a star and bring some honor back to the ROH Pure Title.
  • The Gunn’s no longer want to walk in the shadow of their broke ass daddy and become AEW World Tag Team Champions.
  • Ethan Page (who gets a nice round of applause) wants to represent his beautiful country of Canada and win the All-Atlantic Title.

When The Firm is around, you’ve got two options… run with them, or run from them.

Match #2. Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh vs. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is less than two weeks removed from getting powerbombed on the pyro by Luchasaurus. Forearms by both men to start as Lethal looks for a powerbomb early but Jungle Boy counter. Slap to the chest and a double jump arm drag by Jungle Boy. Dropkick by Jungle Boy but Lethal grabs a single leg, Jungle Boy rolls through for two. Lethal gets shoved to the outside and Jungle Boy looks for a dive, but Satnam Singh stands in the way, as Jungle Boy thinks better of it. Jungle Boy goes up top to jump over Singh, but Lethal catches him on the top rope and drops him with a sidewalk slam on the top turnbuckle. Vertical suplex by Lethal who’s now focused the attack solely on Jungle Boy’s lower back. Hard body slam by Lethal followed by an Irish whip into the corner that drops Jungle Boy. Make that two. A third but Jungle Boy comes out of the corner with a big lariat. Both men are struggling to their feet and exchanging forearms in the center of the ring. A trio of running back elbows by Jungle Boy but a brainbuster attempt fails. Lethal Injection attempt but Jungle Boy comes back with a rebound lariat and a sheer drop brainbuster! One, two, no! Lethal with a Russian Leg Sweep off the middle rope that gets another two. Lethal Injection now but Jungle Boy sees it coming, but Lethal winds up catching the Lethal Combination. Jungle Boy rolls outside… tope suicida by Lethal! Lethal rolls Jungle Boy back in the ring and rops the elbow off the top! One, two, no! Jungle Boy catches a pump kick attempt and locks in the Snare Trap! Lethal looks to tap but Sonjay is on the ropes and Jungle Boy gets distracted. O’Connor roll by Lethal but Jungle Boy reverses into the Snare Trap again! Lethal taps!

Winner: Jungle Boy

Rating: ***1/4. Fun stuff here as Jay Lethal might be the most complete pro wrestler in the world. Solid win for Jungle Boy to regain some momentum after All Out, I just question Lethal being the guy to do that over.

Luigi Primo the pizza making independent guy is here and he gets booted in the face by Ethan Page. Danhausen is here and Page challenges him on Rampage. Danhausen accept.

Matt Hardy challenges Darby Allin for Rampage.

Match #3. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Matt DeMartino

Sky high spine buster. That’s it. That’s the match.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Rating: NR.

Hobbs says that the chapter on Ricky Starks is closed, and he’s opening up a new chapter in the Book of Hobbs, and it starts… tonight. Starks is here and he’s coming through the crowd! Starks avoids security and throws hands at Hobbs before cracking him with the microphone.

Match #4. AEW World Tag Team Championship: Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers

Penta and Swerve to start. Penta looks to break the arm early but Swerve drags him over. Handstand by Swerve but kick to the stomach by Penta. Fenix is in now with a dropkick to Swerve. Cazadora Bomb by the Lucha Brothers gets two. Fenix and Swerve in a knuckle lock as both men wind up on the top rope, springboard hurricanrana by Fenix. Lee gets the tag and hits Fenix with some chops before Penta comes in. Penta with the Dudley’s WHAZZAAPPPP but with a dropkick to Lee. Penta now with leg kicks to Lee which stumbles the big man. Swerve makes the tag and locks Fenix in the Gory Special with a double arm trap. Fenix with a rebound spinning back heel kick. Penta gets the tag and Slingblade to Swerve followed by a backstabber. Slingblade to a charging Lee! Pumphandle by Penta and Fenix superkicks Swerve. Pumphandle Driver by Penta as Fenix dives to Lee on the outside, but Lee catches him and lawndarts Fenix into the ring to break up the pin. Feat Factor by Penta but Swerve counters with a huge right hand. Fenix dives at Lee but Lee catches him with a huge back breaker. Headbutt to Penta. Lee has Fenix up for a Spirit Bomb but Penta chops Lee’s knees out. Springboard Spanish Fly to Swerve off the top by Fenix. Penta with a running STEP UP DESTROYER TO KEITH LEE! ONE, TWO, NO! Crowd is losing it. Penta looks for the Fear Factor on Lee as Fenix heads up top but Swerve throws Fenix to the outside and Lee counters into the Big Bang Catastrophe for the three!

Winners and STILL AEW World Tag Team Champions: Swerve in Our Glory

Rating: ***3/4. Man, what a match. This didn’t get a lot of time, but I don’t know if it needed to. SIOG are firing on all cylinders for a “two single wrestlers turning into a tag team” kind of team, and they’ve been delivering. Kind of odd to have a tag team title match a week before the announced match, but it gave us this gem so I can’t complain. I don’t know if Lucha Brothers, who were just crowned AEW Trios Champs, really needed to lose, but that’s just me.

Alex Marvez is with Death Triangle and Pac doesn’t look happy. Pac reminds Marvez that the Death Triangle are the champions and they deserve some respect. Enter Orange Cassidy with an Orange Punch, who challenges Pac.

Match #5. Athena & Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Serena Deeb

Deeb and Storm start. Storm unloads with chops before Athena gets the tag and comes over the top with a splash. Handspring elbow strike to Deeb in the corner followed by a version of the Tay KO with but a double knee Code Breaker (that’s the best I got) that gets two. Baker trips up Athena from the outside which allows Deeb to focus her attack on the knee. Deeb in control now with some heavy chops and a dragon screw leg whip. Baker is in now and Irish whips Athena but her knee gives out. A version of the Indian Death Lock now by Deeb but Athena powers out. Deeb grabs a single leg but Athena comes back with an enziguiri and makes the tag to Storm. Dropkicks to everyone clear the ring. Spinning DDT from the inside out to Britt Baker. Pendulum DDT by Storm is countered to a Slingblade. Athena and Deeb are back in now and slugging it out. Athena hits the ropes with a springboard but Deeb catches her with a straight armbar in midair. Athena stacks Deeb for a two count. Meteora by Athena and Storm is in. Storm comes off the top with a crossbody but the momentum takes Storm over and Deeb locks in the single leg Boston Crab. Athena tries to break the submission with Baker superkicks Athena in the head. Jackknife cover by Deen but Athena breaks it up with a senton. Baker sends Athena hard into the steel steps on the outside. Deeb looking for Deebtox but Storm reverses as Rebel distracts Referee Paul Turner and Deeb sends Storm into a chair held up by Baker.

Winners: Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Serena Deeb

Rating: **. Mega meh. The finish felt so flat and in back-to-back matches, they’ve pinned champions unnecessarily. Is this WWE circa 2016?

Curb stomp by Baker to Athena Baker grabs a chair… but Hayter is here to make the save! Hayter grabs the chair from Baker and teases like she’s going to hit her but drops Storm with the chair instead. Hayter then leaves by herself while Baker continues to apologize.

Match #6. Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Semi Final: Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson

Danielson strikes heavy and early with chops and kicks in the corner. Running dropkick in the corner by Danielson and the chop onslaught continues. Jericho fights back but it’s all Danielson now. Another running dropkick by Danielson followed by a headbutt. Daniel Garcia is shown in the back. Jericho gets sent to the outside by Danielson and Danielson follows up with a baseball slide. Running knee by Danielson to Jericho from the apron. Danielson hammerlocks the arm and throws Jericho into the ring post. Back inside the ring and Danielson comes off the top with a missile dropkick that drops Jericho. Danielson back up top with a picture-perfect flying headbutt! One, two, no! Jericho reverses a waist lock and tosses Danielson with a German suplex. Double jump dropkick to Danielson by Jericho sends Danielson careening off the apron. Plancha by Jericho to the outside followed by some mounted punches. Jericho rolls Danielson back in the ring and starts palm striking him in the face, which seems to wake Danielson up. Danielson proceeds to turn Jericho’s chest into ground beef with chops and kicks. Jericho whips Danielson into the corner but Danielson backflips over him as both men attempt cross body blocks at the same time, and everyone is down. Danielson looks for a back body drop but Jericho drops him with a kick and nails a Lionsault for a two count. Danielson fights back and tries to go up top, but Jericho follows and catches Danielson with a hurricanrana off the top. Judas Effect attempt by Jericho but Danielson ducks and hits a German suplex with a bridge for a two count. Cattle Mutilation! Jericho is fighting to get to the ropes, but gets to his back instead, and Danielson drops the Hammer & Anvil elbows. Jericho stuns Danielson with a left hand to the temple from the bottom and delivers some Hammer & Anvil elbows of his own. Danielson stands up through the pain and tears into Jericho with palm strikes. Danielson switching up the offense with some kicks but Jericho ducks and hits a Code Breaker as Danielson responds with a Psycho Knee before both men hit the deck! Jericho rolls to the apron as Danielson continues the striking barrage. Danielson tries to suplex Jericho into the ring but Jericho suplexes Danielson to the outside and Danielson lands hard on his ankle. Referee Aubrey Edwards sees Danielson and the doctor is called over. Jericho doesn’t care and attacks Danielson and rips the boot off! Jericho wraps Danielson leg around the exposed ring post. Again. Shin breaker by Jericho. Danielson fights Jericho off from one leg and kicks Jericho in the face with the bad foot. Danielson looks for another Psycho Knee but Jericho is able to catch him and lock in the Walls of Jericho! Jericho drops the one leg and transitions into a single leg, almost calf slicer now. Danielson tries to crawl to the ropes but Jericho pulls him back towards the center of the ring. Jericho transitions to a spinning toe hold but Danielson kicks him off and rolls him up for two. Dragon screw leg whip by Jericho before locking in the Figure Four leg lock. Danielson fights out with straight right hands and transitions to the Labell Lock! Danielson can’t clasp his hands so he delivers some cross faces to Jericho before pulling up on the nose before locking it in. Labell Lock is in! Jericho is fighting… Jericho taps!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Rating: ****1/4. Beautiful violent masterpiece here by two veterans who know how to fight and tell a story. Jericho continues to deliver north of 50 years old, and, as usual, Bryan Danielson is the GOAT. Fun match here and the psychology made sense, it wasn’t just violence for the sake of violence.

Danielson doesn’t get a chance to celebrate as Moxley walks to the ring with purpose. Moxley takes a look at Danielson’s ankle before both men shake hands in the center of the ring.

Final Thoughts: The last two weeks, AEW feels like they have a direction, more so than I can remember. The AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions has been one hell of a tournament, and Danielson vs. Moxley should be a blast. There were some questionable decisions tonight (pinning the champions in back-to-back, matches, hot-shotting a Swerve in Our Glory vs. Lucha Brothers match, etc.), but that doesn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the show. Three really strong matches and one great one make this a heck of a two hour pro wrestling show. 9/10.

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