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Wes Lee Comments On His Relationship With Shawn Michaels


Wes Lee won the vacant NXT North American Championship in a ladder match at “NXT” Halloween Havoc by defeating four other men. This helped him climb back to the top of the brand. After previously winning the NXT Tag Team Championships with Nash Carter, who was let go earlier this year, this is Lee’s biggest singles championship victory in his career.

Following the bout, Lee and Shawn Michaels, Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, shared a moment. Lee commented on his friendship with Michaels while appearing on Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast.

“I still can’t wrap my head around [the fact that] I have that man’s phone number,” Lee said. “We have interactions everyday that I see him at the PC and yes, the inner child in me is like, losing his mind over the fact that I have this relationship with Shawn Michaels … The fact that we have been able to shed tears with each other means that we have a connection that you don’t really get to have with a lot of people and for me to have that with one of my idols is, my entire time here has been indescribable, honestly.”

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