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Booker T Discusses Why Fans Should Watch WWE NXT


Booker T discussed calling the action for WWE NXT as an announcer during his latest Hall Of Fame podcast.

“Watch the show, man, become a part of it, because it’s special,” Booker T said. “These are the guys we’re getting a chance to see before they make it to the SmackDown roster, before they make it to Raw. And me, personally, I’d like to see some of those guys stick around in NXT for a while just because they really make the brand stand out.”

According to Booker T, NXT requires certain talent to fill specific tasks. In order for everyone to get a chance to tell their experiences, he doesn’t want the primary roster to become overcrowded.

“I’m loving it. I’m so loving it,” Booker T stated. “It feels so much like Reality of Wrestling. You have a pep talk after the show. The guys are wanting more, and they’ll stay there all night if they could. I love being at NXT. I can honestly say I didn’t think I’d feel the way I do right now about NXT, I just didn’t.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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