Team Heretics partners up with Red Bull


Spanish esports organisation Team Heretics has secured a partnership with Red Bull, one of the most active brands in the esports space.

team heretics red bull

Image Credits | Red Bull & Team Heretics

Team Heretics will wear Red Bull branding and put efforts into digital and in-person activations

While Team Heretics and Red Bull did not disclose financial details on the partnership or the duration of the deal, all players from the different rosters competing under Heretics will wear Red Bull-branded jerseys. Furthermore, the two brands have announced content creation efforts on a daily basis, with Heretics’ goal of bringing exclusive day-to-day sports content” to its social media profiles.

There are also plans for in-person activations at the Team Heretics’ headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Both brands will put their efforts into creating different activations in both the digital and real world. There are plans to bring live-viewing parties and greet opportunities in the future thanks to this partnership.

Who are Team Heretics?

Based in Madrid, Team Heretics is an esports organization with several rosters across different game titles. The most famous rosters are in Riot Games’ League of Legends and VALORANT.

In LoL, Team Heretics competes in the European Championship, the LEC, and the LVP Superliga (Spanish ERL) with its academy team. It also fields a team in VALORANT, which competes in the VCT EMEA.

Team Heretics joined the LEC at the end of last year, after acquiring the slot from Misfits Gaming Group. The organization has a great following, especially in its home country, Spain. The large audience allowed them to get rights to co-stream its games in Spanish for the LEC. On top of that, Team Heretics boasts has partnerships with the likes of Lenovo Legion, GFuel and Drift Gaming.

Red Bull has always been a front-runner in esports place, sponsoring various events and teams. It also works to create esports events like the Red Bull SoloQ and Red Bull Campus Clutch, becoming one of the most active brands in the space.

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