Street Fighter 6 Reviews are the Best in the Series so Far


It’s a long ride, but Street Fighter 6 is finally here. There’ mere hours until the Street Fighter 6 release date and reviews have started rolling in thick and fast. Street Fighter 6 reviews are showing a lot of the quality we can expect from the game. Along with some players who have gotten their copies early thanks to stores breaking street dates. So far, this looks like a landmark title for the entire genre.

Street Fighter 6 reviews so far have focused in on a few factors, but how is the early reaction for Street Fighter 6 competitive and Is this really the best Street Fighter game ever?

Cammy Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter 6 Reviews

The reviews for Street Fighter 6 have highlighted a lot of high points in the new game. One of the most notable so far seems to be its accessibility though. The new Street Fighter 6 control scheme provides ways for players to engage with the title with their traditional input-heavy moves, but also more casual styles. Beginner players will be able to use less technical control schemes while still having full autonomy over their character. It’s going to make Street Fighter 6 one of the easiest for players to pick up and play.

More compliments for the game have rolled in for its varied modes. The campaign and other ways to play have been a focus. It seems this is A Street Fighter game that actually cares about giving an experience outside of online. That’s increasingly rare, even among the very best fighting games.

Is Street Fighter 6 The Best in the Series?

In terms of how its measuring up, Street Fighter 6 currently has critical reviews that put it as the best in the series. It’s getting close to universal over 90% scores, which is fantastic for any title that’s not Zelda this year. Launching alongside Diablo 4 release date means it’s going to be a tight weekend for gaming, but Capco’s latest fighter looks like it’s blown away expectations. Compared to the tepid reaction to V, Street Fighter 6 looks set to be a game that’s ready to be the top tier for fighting games.

Street Fighter 6 Reviews

Source: Metacritic

In terms of esports, it’s got early events already lined up. We’ve had plenty of reactions from players showing off how much potential this game is going to have. The very first weekend after release already has a tournament with DreamHack Dallas, we’ll get to see some of that in action.

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