MKLeo Mixing up Smash Characters to Get Back to No. 1


Smash Bros Ultimate has a huge roster, but most players tend to focus on a specific few. Out of all Smash Bros characters, more and more are getting representation at major tournaments. MKLeo is no stranger to mixing things up. According to some recent comments on a stream, MKLeo characters might be changing for upcoming tournaments.

Speaking on a recent livestream, MKLeo went into more detail about his choice of characters coming up. Specifically, he might be ditching Pyra and Marth or the Aegis as their collectively known.

MKLeo Could be Ditching the Pyra and Mythra

MKLeo has been talking about his character choice heading into the Crown the Third fighting game esports tournament. He talked about having gotten tired of the aegis because “they’re too hard”. The player said he might be looking at a different character, which he’ll be practising ‘in the shadows” and pulling them out only at tournaments with the right matchup once he’s mastered them. Although, his comments even hinted MKLeo character choices might be heading back to Joker.

MKLeo Changing Characters in Smash Bros Ultimate

Source: MKLeo

MKLeo said “When I’m playing other characters like Joker or Meta Knight, or just like not Aegis, I have to think a lot less about my options. I’m going to be real, I think I’ve been liking that. Ageis just makes me think a lot probably because it’s the safest character I play or the character I have to play safest because of recovery.”

Rather than keep focusing on a two-character set-up, MKLeo characters might change to something simpler. He has also specifically called out that the game “isn’t made for playing them.” Going as far as to say “Only do matches with Aegis that you know you win for free, like Sonic”.

He specified how much stronger Joker was as a single character than a two-character set-up. Although, at the end of this long discussion of MKLeo changing character choices, the player threw a bit of doubt in.

Is MKLeo Changing Characters to Get back to No.1?

These developments from MKLeo explain a bit more about the player’s plans. Further in his stream, he talked about wider goals and rising back up the rankings of the best Smash Bros players. Specifically, he said he’s once again aiming at that number 1 slot. Although, he doesn’t think he’ll get there by the mid-year rankings.

Is he definitely switching though? He kind of walked a lot of this back immediately after, revealing that he hadn’t actually made his mind up yet.

MKLeo has often been thought of as the overall top Smash Bros Ultimate player. He has dropped a bit this year, and if he’s thinking of switching his character back up that might be what makes the difference for him closing the gap back up.

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