Speculation on Japanese Wrestler Possibly Signing with WWE


There’s now speculation on Japanese pro wrestler Hideki Suzuki possibly signing with WWE.

Tokyo Sports reports that Suzuki was recently spotted at the international terminal of the Hadena Airport in Tokyo, Japan, with a one-way ticket to the United States.

Suzuki worked as a guest coach for the WWE Performance Center in January/February 2020. It’s now rumored that Suzuki is headed back to work for WWE, this time for a permanent role.

Suzuki made his pro wrestling debut back in 2008 and was trained by the legendary Billy Robinson, among others. He has worked for several Japanese promotions, including All Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Wrestle-1, Big Japan, Inoki Genome Federation, and Pro Wrestling Zero1, among others. He was named the MVP Wrestler in the 2017 Japan Indie Wrestling Awards.

Stay tuned for more on Suzuki possibly signing with WWE.

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