Raven and The Yeti have funny cameo on Impact


Santino Marella is learning on the job as Director of Authority in Impact, so he has sought knowledgeable veterans for advice. Two weeks ago, Santino consulted with Ernest “The Cat” Miller and Dirty Dango. This week, Santino sat down with Raven for a shot of wisdom.

Enjoy the hilarity unfold in this clip from Impact Wrestling. There was also a special surprise appearance from The Yeti.

Raven (pronounced as Ray-von by Santino) provided sound logic to make the company money. Crown him as champion. People pay to see the champ, and people pay to see Raven. Simple.

After Santino exited, a mountain of a man approached Raven. The camera panned up to show Reese inquiring if the Flock was getting back together. Raven referred to Reese as a character of his past, The Yeti.

Reese debuted in WCW as The Yeti. He was the Dungeon of Doom’s insurance policy to end Hulkamania. The Yettay, as called by Tony Schiavone, applied a bump and grind double bear hug with the Giant (Paul Wight) to squeeze the life out of Hulk Hogan.

The Yeti quickly ran its course morphing into The Super Giant Ninja.

The man under the mask was repackaged as Big Ron Studd before joining Raven’s Flock as Reese.

Ah, good times from WCW. Thanks for the memories.

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