Matt Cardona premieres rap song in answer to diss track


Matt Cardona is no stranger to the music scene. This is a man who broke the internet in another life as Zack Ryder with the smash hit, “Hoeski.”

Boy band slow jams aren’t Cardona’s only musical strength. He’s also hard in the rap game. That much was clear when Cardona released the premiere of his untitled masterpiece as a response to Joe Hendry’s diss track, “Edge’s Bitch.”

Cardona has bars:

My name’s Matt Cardona and you’re about to see
That I make better songs than Joe Hendry

He’s made people laugh at me and my wife
But now it’s my turn to ruin his life

I’d like to point out that he looks weird
With his stupid blond hair and his stupid black beard

But if you think that’s bad
Oh just wait
I’m taking Joe Hendry’s mom on a date

Cardona will get his chance to take out his frustrations on Hendry in the ring when competing for the Impact Digital Media Championship next week.

Impact Wrestling

Do you score that lyrical battle in favor of Matt Cardona or Joe Hendry?

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