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Miro Says He Meant Every Word Of His AEW Promo, Calls AEW The Best Pro Wrestling Promotion


Miro, the former Rusev, made his All Elite Wrestling debut last night in a segment with Kip Sabian. Miro laid into his former employer by telling them to shove their imaginary brass ring up their ass.

Miro uploaded a video later in the night for his YouTube channel to clarify that he meant every word in his promo. He refers to AEW as the the best professional wrestling promotion, which plays into his new gimmick as “The Best Man.”

“I’m super excited about everything, honestly. I’m stoked. Walking out I felt goosebumps,” he explains in the video. “Wrestling is my love, man. I came to this country, to the United States of America, to be a professional wrestler. And now I’m in the best professional wrestling promotion … and that’s All Elite Wrestling.”

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