Enzo Fernandez goes to clash with Benfica!


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The news may have passed for a last small sprain from a player still on cloud nine following his victory in the World Cup. But in reality, after being grilled celebrating the New Year in Buenos Aires, Enzo Fernandez is in the process of alienating Benfica. Returning to Lisbon on December 27, the midfielder has been at the heart of the news since Argentina’s coronation at the 2022 World Cup.

Courted from all sides, the former resident of River Plate is one of the biggest hits announced for the next winter transfer window. Benfica would not like to sell him before the end of the season, but several teams are willing to pay the amount of the player’s release clause, namely €120m. TyC Sports has also come to confirm that Chelsea would be on track to finalize the deal. Except that the attitude of Enzo Fernandez does not pass. Before discussing his potential future in London, let’s come back to this New Year’s affair.

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A controversial New Year

Record tells us that the player didn’t want to play the league game against Braga on December 30. His coach (Roger Schmidt) and his president (Rui Costa) had to work hard, but finally convinced him to be part of it. Except that in Braga, the Argentinian was ghostly and his team lost for the first time this season, after 28 games without defeat. Not enough to cry wolf except that after the poor performance of his men, Schmidt had publicly let it be known that his players should not leave Portugal for the end of year celebrations.

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“We are a professional football team, the rules are the same for all players. It is very important that all players rest between parties to be ready for the next game. There are no exceptions.” So you can imagine the faces of the Benfiquist leaders when they saw the photos of their player celebrating the New Year in Buenos Aires. A backward return, a coach not respected: Benfica has it bad. But that’s not all ! Record announces that the player skipped both training sessions on Monday.

Chelsea would consider withdrawing

Furious, the Lisbon people ordered him to present himself as soon as possible. An ultimatum which will not be without consequences because Record adds that the midfielder will be sanctioned. Financially? Sportingly? No details leaked. For Oh JogoEnzo Fernández “forces his departure” and the benfiquistas supporters no longer want to see him wear the sacred jersey of their favorite team. In a few days, the one who was eagerly awaited in Lisbon has therefore become a pariah. And the little game led by the world champion and his entourage could turn against him. At least for six months. Because his deal with Chelsea would also be floundering.

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Announced as the big favorites to win the bet, the Blues would have found a contractual agreement with the Argentinian world champion. And the player’s entourage would now push for Benfica and Chelsea to shake hands as well. Except that he is accused in the middle of having negotiated his contract with the English behind the back of the Aguias. Difficult to prove it, but today, everything plays against Enzo Fernandez. And it’s not over. Oh Jogo clarifies that Rui Costa continues to repel London advances. And now, Record ensures that Chelsea would seriously consider giving up on finalizing this file this winter. The Blues see the tensions that this generates with Benfica and say that it might be better to wait six months and come back to negotiate with the Aguias who will be more open to discussion once the season is over.

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Enzo Fernandez goes to clash with Benfica! 24hfootnews.

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