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Triple H Allowed Three WWE Stars To Watch The Filming Of The Boneyard Match In Person


The Undertaker and AJ Styles’ famous Boneyard match was presented at WWE WrestleMania 36 in 2020. Obviously, no spectators were able to attend this match in person due to COVID-19. However, three WWE wrestlers were fortunate enough to be present while it was being filmed.

In a recent social media post, Johnny Gargano revealed that he was on set for the match alongside Tommaso Ciampa and Candice LeRae as extras.

“Given the historical significance of it potentially being Undertaker’s last Mania match at the time.. Me, Candice and Tommaso asked Hunter [Triple H] if we could go watch the filming and he let us come by and check it out! Definitely a cool moment to look back on.”


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