QT Marshall Fires Back At Fan Criticism For His ALL OUT Match With Paul Wight, Says He Was A Big Fan Of Wight Growing Up


AEW star QT Marshall recently spoke with Sportskeeda to hype up this Sunday’s ALL OUT pay per view, where the Factory leader will be taking on Paul Wight in a high-stakes grudge match. Highlights from Marshall’s interview can be found below.

Fires back at fan criticisms of his match with Paul Wight at ALL OUT:

“Fans are entitled to their opinions. If you had Paul Wight and you’re paying him whatever money you’re paying him, would you put his first match on AEW: Dark, would you put in on Elevation? I don’t know, I think he’s the kind of competitor that you would put on a pay-per-view. This is his first match back, along with CM Punk, and this is a huge pay-per-view. And I’m not gonna tell myself, I know what my role is here. He needs a dance partner, and I’m happy to be that guy. And if fans are upset about that, how much more upset are they gonna be when I beat him or anybody? (Laughs) It is what it is.”

Says he was a big fan of Paul Wight growing up:

“Yeah, of course. I mean growing up, anyone larger than life like Paul…he’s got that ‘it’ factor that attracts the eye, especially as a young kid growing up and seeing how strong he was and what he could do at his size. But that all ended when he stuck his nose in my business. And it all leads to Sunday, so…”

How he does enjoy the pressure of being in AEW:

“I mean there is, but there’s a lot of pressure being in AEW to begin with. I’ve been here since the start of AEW, behind the scenes, and now I’ve transitioned in front of a camera, as a wrestler, which has always been my dream. So, I thrive under the pressure. I mean I always tell everyone at my school that I’m a red-light-kinda-guy. I don’t like to practice certain things before the show. When the light comes on, that’s when I like to go.”

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