Pat McAfee Discusses The Creative Freedom He Has In WWE


Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Pat McAfee discussed the creative freedom he’s found heading into WrestleMania 38 during his feud with Austin Theory. 

The two stars will wrestle on the second night of the event on Sunday in Dallas, Texas. 

“We have a great producer, who I have a good relationship with. This particular producer, been around the business for a long time. He and I, polar opposite human beings, but I have always made it a point, ever since I got there, to say what’s up to him and hello to him because I enjoyed him as a fan, as a person, as a superstar, as everything,” McAfee said without naming the producer.

McAfee continued, “For a couple of years now, I’ve gotten a chance to chat with said producer. I think he understands me pretty good. Austin Theory, he’s just going to get his ass beat. There hasn’t been anything yet in this entire WWE existence that I’ve said, ‘Hey, we should try this’ that has been completely ruled out. There has been a couple things that I have brought to the forefront and said, ‘This would be cool,’ and I’ve been told, ‘that might be happening…we have to dance around.’ Cool, I completely understand. I feel like the creative and conversation get pooped on a lot outside of WWE. Going in, I assumed that everything was going to be impossible. I’m a super creative person, I enjoy everything my brain thinks and the way I operate. I’m very lucky to be where I’m at in life financially and professionally. I thought I was going in there and it was going to be tooth and nail trying to get everything done. I haven’t experienced that at all. I know other people haven’t had the exact same results, but I’m also not 100% sure that people have what I’m bringing to the table as well. That gets lost in a lot of the conversation. If you don’t like what’s going on, you can leave. I did that to the NFL, I did that to Barstool, a couple different places. Freedom is something you earn, it’s not something you’re given. I’m very fortunate to be at that particular spot. The people I’m working with for this match are awesome. We’re going to put together a classic, we’re going to try out best at least, to do WrestleMania some respect.”

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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