NCAA Zone D Diving: Longhorns Now Have Six Divers Qualified, Texas A&M Men Hit Four


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  • March 7-9, 2023
  • Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Host: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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The LSU duo of Chiara Pellacani and Helle Tuxen had a close battle in the women’s 1-meter event on Day 2 of the Zone E Diving Championships in Minneapolis, with Pellacani coming out on top after she was the runner-up in the 3-meter on Tuesday.

On the men’s side, Texas’ Noah Duperre secured a big victory on 3-meter in what was a big day for the Longhorns.

There were a total of nine qualifying spots up for grabs in both events on Wednesday.

Women’s 1-Meter Qualifiers

  1. Chiara Pellacani (LSU), 643.10
  2. Helle Tuxen (LSU), 642.55
  3. Joy Zhu (UMIN), 635.55
  4. Hailey Hernandez (TEX), 632.80
  5. Bridget O’Neil (TEX), 623.10
  6. Montserrat Lavenant (LSU), 607.55
  7. Jordan Skilken (TEX), 586.20
  8. Alyssa Clairmont (TAM), 585.85
  9. Av Osero (UMIN), 573.85

Behind Pellacani and Tuxen, Minnesota’s Joy Zhu and Texas’ Hailey Hernandez added the 1-meter to their NCAA schedules after qualifying in the 3-meter, as did Bridget O’Neil, another Longhorn, LSU’s Montserrat Lavenant and Texas A&M’s Alyssa Clairmont.

Hernandez finished fourth last season on 1-meter as a freshman, while Lavenant was also a finalist, placing 13th.

The only new qualifiers on the day were Texas’ Jordan Skilken and Minnesota’s Av Osero, who placed seventh and ninth, respectively.

Skilken’s qualification gives Texas three women qualified with the platform event still to come, while LSU also has three qualifiers.

Men’s 3-Meter Qualifiers

  1. Noah Duperre (TEX), 813.60
  2. Adrian Abadia Garcia (LSU), 778.60
  3. Victor Povzner (TAM), 774.75
  4. Nicholas Harris (TEX), 767.20
  5. Brendan McCourt (TEX), 754.25
  6. Collier Dyer (MIZ), 752.60
  7. Rhett Hensley (TAM), 746.75
  8. Takuto Endo (TAM), 745.25
  9. Peter Smithson (SMU), 722.05

The Longhorns added a third diver to their NCAA squad on the men’s side with Duperre’s win, while Missouri’s Collier Dyer, Texas A&M’s Takuto Endo and SMU’s Peter Smithson also earned qualification.

The rest of the qualifiers had already booked their tickets on 1-meter, including Texas’ Nicholas Harris and Brendan McCourt as they now have three qualifiers.

With Endo punching his ticket for the Aggies, they now have four men qualified.

Both Duperre (10th) and Texas A&M’s Victor Povzner (15th) were consolation finalists in this event last year at NCAAs.



Count Women Qualified Team Event(s)
1 Hailey Hernandez Texas 1m, 3m
2 Chiara Pellacani LSU 1m, 3m
3 Bridget O’Neil Texas 1m, 3m
4 Viviana Del Angel Minnesota 3m
5 Joslyn Oakley Texas A&M 1m, 3m
6 Joy Zhu Minnesota 1m, 3m
7 Montserrat Lavenant LSU 1m, 3m
8 Alyssa Clairmont Texas A&M 1m, 3m
9 Helle Tuxen LSU 1m, 3m
10 Jordan Skilken Texas 1m
11 Av Osero Minnesota 1m, 3m


Count Men Qualified Team Event(s)
1 Nicholas Harris Texas 1m, 3m
2 Adrian Abadia Garcia LSU 1m, 3m
3 Victor Povzner Texas A&M 1m, 3m
4 David Ekdahl TCU 1m, 3m
5 Brendan McCourt Texas 1m, 3m
6 Rhett Hensley Texas A&M 1m, 3m
7 Allen Bottego III Texas A&M 1m
8 Noah Duperre Texas 1m, 3m
9 Collier Dyer Missouri 3m
10 Takuto Endo Texas A&M 3m
11 Peter Smithson SMU 1m, 3m


You can read a more in-depth look at the selection process here.

Effectively, each zone earns a specific number of qualifying spots in each event, based on how that Zone performed at NCAAs last year. Divers who place inside the qualifying places earn an NCAA invite. A diver invited in one event can compete at NCAAs in any other diving event where they were top 12 in their Zone meet.

The highest-placing divers earn NCAA reimbursement, while lower-placing qualifiers can compete at NCAAs, but their school must pay for their travel and lodging at the meet.

SwimSwam: NCAA Zone D Diving: Longhorns Now Have Six Divers Qualified, Texas A&M Men Hit Four

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