Mercato Mercato – OM: Fake news, Cristiano Ronaldo… The development of OM


For many months now, on the OM side, we have been denouncing the increasing fake news. This was particularly the case with regard to the sale of the Marseille club by Frank McCourt and lately, this has concerned Cristiano Ronaldo. While OM had to deny each time, a new update was made about this fake news.

Fake news is on the riseOM to the point of annoying Frank McCourt. A few months ago, annoyed by everything that could be said about the sale of the Marseille club, the American dropped off at Provence : “ According to see, why are there so many unfounded rumors about the sale of the club? Where can this come from ? I’m only denying it, but it still continues… “. Indeed, theOM continues to be affected by his fake news and this was still the case recently with Cristiano Ronaldo, when there would have been nothing with the ex-player of Manchester United contrary to what was said Basil Boli on this subject.

“If we make you believe that Ronaldo at OM it’s possible…”

And now theOM therefore had to make a new clarification concerning these various cases. So, this Friday, for Provencea source within the Marseille club explained: “ This raises hopes and, to the extent that these are not satisfied, it can lead to disappointments. If you are made to believe that Ronaldo at OM is possible when the leaders are not working on it, you will inevitably tend to be disappointed the day it does not happen. It creates frustration “.

“We have shifted into the era of belief”

We have swung into the era of belief. And this one weighs perhaps as much as the verified information. When this belief penetrates people so deeply, we can be destabilized. Sometimes the best way for a club to respond to what is rumored is precisely not to respond. “, added this interlocutor.

Mercato Mercato – OM: Fake news, Cristiano Ronaldo… The development of OM 24hfootnews.

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