Manchester City’s new €341m craze


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Stars and millions. Since the arrival of new owners in 2008, Manchester City has spent huge sums to recruit players. The Skyblues did not hesitate to bet 117.5 M€ on Jack Grealish, the biggest transfer in the history of the club. They also broke their piggy banks for Erling Haaland (€75m), Kévin De Bruyne (€74m), Rodri (€70m), Ruben Dias (€68m), Riyad Mahrez (€67.8m) and João Cancelo (€65 million). And it paid off with several Premier League and domestic cup titles.

City want to expand their stadium

However, the English have still not managed to win the UEFA Champions League, the main objective of Khaldoon Al Mubarak’s club. But the rich owners believe in it again and again. At the same time, the British team is multiplying projects with a view to increasing its income and extending its influence. This Thursday, the DailyMail explains that the Citizens are more than ever focused on developing their home base, the Etihad Stadium. Built in 2002 for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the stadium has been occupied by the Skyblues since 2003.

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The latter carried out work to increase the capacity of the stadium from 38,000 to 53,400 seats. After a first project in 2015, the Mancunians want to expand the enclosure again so that it can accommodate 61,000 people. Also according to the tabloid, the Skyblues plan is to add an additional 7,700 seats to the second tier of the North Stand. Ideally, work would begin next November with the aim of having everything completed by the start of the 2025-26 financial year.

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More than €340 million invested

The British team, which wishes to disrupt the next seasons as little as possible, is however waiting for the building permit to be granted to it. In addition to the stadium expansion, Manchester City wants to build a new hotel, a megastore, an indoor fan park and a museum. Regarding these other projects, they will come out of the ground one year after the end of the stadium expansion. The club wants to modernize its facilities and continue its expansion. According to the English media, this new project will cost 300 M£, or just over 341 M€.

A colossal sum, but Man City wants to invest to align itself with Tottenham (62,850 seats), Arsenal (60,704 seats) and West Ham United (66,000 seats, 80,000 at concerts), which have speakers with a capacity higher. The sky blue club of Manchester has therefore entrusted the remodeling of its enclosure to the architectural firm Populus, which has already participated in the projects for the new stadiums of Tottenham and OL. With the 341 M€ of this new project, City will still put money in the Etihad Stadium. This will make more than 1 billion pounds sterling, or 1.13 billion euros, invested in the stadium, the training center and other facilities since the arrival of the new owners.

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