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Madusa On Vince McMahon: “He Was Always Good To Me”


WWE Hall Of Famer Madusa was recently interviewed on TheA2theK Wrestling Show to promote her new book, “The Woman Who Would Be King.”

During it, the former WWE Women’s Champion talked about how serious was Vince McMahon in reviving the women’s division when he brought her into WWE in 1993:

“Vince was very serious at that moment because it stayed dormant for a while, so he wanted to revive women’s wrestling. At that point, he wanted a woman that could wrestle that would change the game. He basically told me he wanted somebody very athletic that looked, you know, athletic and was athletic, and could carry her own and the company itself.”

“So if it wasn’t for Greg Valentine calling Pat Patterson and saying, ‘Hey, Pat, I got a girl. She’s on the independent scene. I’ve seen her. You’ve gotta check her out. She’s freaking phenomenal. She just came back from Japan and she’s ready to kick some ass. She’ll blow 60% of the guys’ matches out of the water.’ Patterson, he’s like, ‘Okay, you think she’s all that? Okay, let’s check her out.’ So sure enough, they did their diligence and we spoke on the phone. They flew me out, and then it was a perfect marriage.”

“You know, Vince was always good to me. Vince was never that person that you have heard lately of, you know, misogynist acts or lascivious ways or anything like that. He was a man that told me that I was there to uphold, and you know, carry the women’s division and be the face. So that’s what I believed in, that’s what I did, and I was holy hell on wheels.”

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