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Vince McMahon Once Thought Top WWE Star Was ‘The Drizzling S**ts’


Vince McMahon wasn’t always a fan of Chris Jericho, who is currently one of AEW’s biggest stars.

In the past, WWE management has held its wrestlers to the highest standards, rarely publicly praising their prior accomplishments.  When Jericho entered the company in 1999, this was definitely the situation.

He mentioned the following during the Jericho Chronicles Q&A segment of his Talk is Jericho podcast:

“I almost got fired about a month in, I got called into a meeting with Vince, JR, and Blackjack Lanza and Vince said ‘the problem with you is the drizzling s**ts’.”

But McMahon’s critique of signed Jericho didn’t end there, as he apparently added:

“You’re not worth the paper your contract is printed on. You’re green as grass.”

Transcript from SEScoops.


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