John Cena Discusses His Behind The Scenes Involvement In HBO’s “Peacemaker” Series


John Cena has been making the media rounds to promote the premiere of his new “Peacemaker series” on HBO Max this Thursday. 

In addition to being the leading star in the series, he also worked behind the scenes as a producer. This is something he talked about during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. 

“I think I probably could have taken more leverage, but I didn’t want to. I think the invite to be a producer on the show was Warner’s, was DC’s, was HBOMax’s way of saying, ‘We are invested in you, and we’re invested in you so much that we want to include you in this process.’ What I did do was open my ears and keep my mouth shut. I’m around people who make good television. I’m around great storytellers and James (Gunn) puts a great production team around him, people that know how to get sh*t done. So, I learned a little bit about budget. I learned a whole hell of a lot about Covid protocol. I learned about their game plan, and I got to pretty much sit in the coach’s corner so to speak, and learn from people with a ton of wisdom. I really think it was their way of saying, ‘We’re invested in you’, which made me feel great, but in no way did I take that title and abuse it. I realize I’m a rookie and I have a lot to learn. I got a chance to learn from some pretty wise people, and that’s exactly what I did.”

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