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Jim Ross: “I Think Tony Khan Is Booking MJF Perfectly”


Jim Ross recently spoke about a wide range of topics on his Grilling JR podcast. 

During it, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed how MJF has been used in All Elite Wrestling. He put over AEW President Tony Khan for the way he’s booked MJF, who is currently in a feud with CM Punk. 

“I think Tony Khan is booking MJF perfectly because he’s not overexposing him and he’s keeping him fresh.  Of course, Max is really great at keeping himself fresh.  He’s very smart.  MJF is a younger, actually athletic version of Paul Heyman.  I was around Paul Heyman when he was in his ‘20s a lot.  I helped Paul a great deal back when nobody wanted to work with him because he was so obstinate in their view.  Well I saw talent, and was he a pain in the a**?  Absolutely, but he was our pain in the a**, and he was my pain in the a** partner who made both of us better.  We did some good work  in WCW before we ever got to WWE.  I enjoyed it.  I can tell you that.  Max is a young Paul Heyman only with muscles and athletic ability, so that tells you where he ranks in my lexicon of some of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around in pro wrestling and the thing about it is he’s in his mid ‘20s.  Hopefully, he won’t ever self destruct or, ‘I got this.  I don’t need to get any better.’  That’s bullsh*t.  He and I have had some really good talks since our tenure there in AEW.  I always talk to him at every TV and we chat about different things.  He asks questions that are intelligent questions, so you know he’s thinking about things that are spot on because of the questions he asks or the subjects that he wants to discuss.”

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