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Josh Woods Discusses His Recent AEW Dark Match, Meeting Tony Khan


ROH TV Champion Josh Woods made an appearance on the Pro Wrestling Boom podcast to talk about a wide range of topics. 

Recent AEW Dark Match:

“I’m not sure I can talk about that.  Everyone has their own contact system and some people just don’t want to be bothered about how to do things, so I don’t think I can actually say who specifically did what.  But being in Ring of Honor and trying to be a good person regardless of what it can do to benefit me, I’ve just always tried to be a good person.  The relationships that I’ve built and the caliber of person that I am helped me get to that point with the people that are there, so it’s nice having people who can vouch for the type of character I have.  The in-ring work speaks for itself, as arrogant as that sounds, so I apologize.  I don’t think I’m bad.  I think having the relationships I have with the people that were here and are now there really helped me get that opportunity.  That’s all I can say about that.”

Meeting Tony Khan:

“He was there and I did get to meet him.  I spoke with him a little bit.  He’s a freaking great guy.  I’ve had a lot of really intimidating, authoritative figures in my life from coaches and peers that I’ve looked up to.  I was super nervous.  He was so humble and very approachable.  Instantly that intimidation factor was gone.  He was very welcoming and warm.  It was nice, it was refreshing, and I can see why people love being there.  I can see why people like Tony so much.  I definitely like Tony.”

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