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G-Raver Arrested and Jailed, Facing Several Drug Related Charges


Deathmatch wrestling star and frequent GCW competitor G-Raver (real name Brandon Graver) was arrested on Thursday, November 17th in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania after he, and associate Brandon Leach, were found slouched in a car with roughly 25 grams of drugs inside the vehicle.

G-Raver told the police when he was taken into custody that he had snorted 10 bags of heroin. During the arrest they also found bags of meth in his pocket. When his car was eventually brought to the station authorities found an additional bags of possible meth, marijuana, other heroin packets, shrooms, Alprazolam along with paraphernalia and $181 cash.

G-Raver and Leach are facing charges of felony manufacture, deliver, or possession with the intent to manufacture or deliver, as well as misdemeanor charges. Wrestling Headlines will keep you updated on the status of his case.

Stay tuned.



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