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Former Wrestler Claims Hulk Hogan Cost Former WWE Booker His Job


If George Scott, the then-WWE booker, hadn’t been fired, Hulk Hogan might have never reached the top of the massive sports entertainment company. After the late Pat Patterson took control, Hogan made quick progress towards being the face of not just WWE but of all of professional wrestling.

On the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, Mario Mancini, a former WWE performer from the 1980s who served as King Kong Bundy and The Undertaker’s first WWE rival, explained how Hogan’s complaint resulted in the firing of George Scott and the subsequent hiring of Pat Patterson:

“George Scott was the booker and George Scott loved me. I would have had quite a different career if George Scott stayed the booker and not Pat Patterson. George Scott got fired because he wanted to put the strap on Randy Savage right away. Hogan, he went and he pitched and bi*ched to Vince [McMahon], and [Vince] fired George and brought in Pat.”

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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