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Rene Dupree Thought Cody Rhodes Was “Entitled” During Early WWE Days


The Cody Rhodes who made his WWE debut in July 2007 was entirely different from the one who made a comeback in 2022.

Rene Dupree, a former WWE star, recalled on his experience with Rhodes when “The American Nightmare”  first appeared on Raw in a recent episode of his podcast, Cafe de Rene. Dupree suggested that the star was entitled and emphasized his inexperience.

“I remember Cody Rhodes one time spotted off like yeah second generation guys don’t get along and I’m thinking what the f**k do you know about that. My days with Cody were different with other people because when I first met him like, entitled? like a hundred and f**king percent right… He got hired, no experience, no nothing, he was 21, he was trying to be an actor in Hollywood.”

Dupree then recalled an incident where he introduced himself to Rhodes”

“Hey man, nice to meet you. Hey man, you’re just starting out, I’ll help you out any way I can. I sincerely meant it but it’s almost like he took offense to it like you don’t even have a match, I don’t give a s**t who your daddy is.”

H/t to Sportskeeda

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