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Eddie Kingston Would Love To Tag With Westside Gunn, Talks His Relationship With Ruby Soho


AEW superstar Eddie Kingston recently spoke with Bleacher Report for Suicide Awareness month, where the Mad King covered a ton of different topics, including how he’d love to team with rapper Westside Gunn and how he became friends with Ruby Soho. Highlights from the interview are below.

On his friendship with Ruby Soho:

“Oh, man. Wow, it’s a while ago. I just remember when she first started out wrestling, I knew her trainer, Billy Roc. So knowing that I knew her trainer, and how much of a good person her trainer was, I decided to look out for anybody who is one of his students. And, you know, I do that for certain people. Like, for instance, another example is Pepper Parks. If I see that he has a student or he says, ‘Hey, King, this kid’s my student.’ I’ll look out for them. And then I give them advice and stuff. So, that’s how it all really started. I knew she was one of Roc’s kids, as I put it, and I just wanted to look out for giving her advice. And then as time went on, we started talking deeper about things. And then we just started, you know, clicking and understanding each other. It was very weird how the friendship grew so quickly, but she got me right away. I definitely pushed her away in the beginning, you know what I mean? And then the same thing with a lot of people who had my back who are part of my support system, I’ve tried to push them all away. And they’ve all been the ones who stayed to have my back. And I’m very lucky and blessed that they decided to stick with me. They stayed for the whole ride.”

His favorite rap album of all-time:

“Oh, that’s so hard. The first one that comes to my head, well the first two. Three. I just got it [laughs]. Nas’ ‘Illmatic,’ DMX’s ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’ and ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).’ So I’m just gonna say those three because those are the first three that legit just popped in my head. But there’s so many more. Pac’s ‘Me Against the World’ and ‘All Eyez on Me’ albums. You know, there’s Biggie’s ‘Ready to Die.’ There’s the Ghostface ‘Ironman’ album, and there are just so many I can go on and on. This is gonna be a long interview [laughs]. Also, my man Scarface.”

If he could tag with a rapper who would he tag with:

“Oh, wow. I gotta say my man Westside Gunn. We’ll get it done.”

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