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EC3 Explains How His Original Vision For Control Your Narrative Got Lost


Pro-wrestling star and former multi-time champion EC3 recently spoke with Bill Prichard from WrestleZone about a wide range of topics including how his original concept for Control Your Narrative (CYN) got lost due to outside forces, and how his rebrand will be more in line with what he originally wanted to do. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says a lot of CYN’s presentations got lost due to a number of reasons:

“Control Your Narrative, my idea and presentation through Free The Narrative and what it was going to become got lost, lost in a disarray of misinformation and unnecessary online banter. My vision was been corrupted, and that is because I allowed my vision to be in the hands of honestly other people at times. I too may have been blinded and corrupted by the fact that, with what we had, that maybe something, we could expedite the process. I never wanted to be a promotion or the three-letter brand, but then all of a sudden, we kind of were positioned as one due to a streaming television deal and a possibility of live tours and things like that. But it all got lost in the concept and the idea.”

How he is rebranding CYN and hopes to fulfill the original vision he set out to do:

“The Great Rebrand is basically, I don’t know, people say the great reset, so I thought it’d be funny to say the Great Rebrand. But at the same time, if my vision initially didn’t work, it’s my vision and my responsibility and my accountability and all eyes on me. So what I did, I don’t feel is gonna work properly. What I’m going to do, with a clear vision and the experience behind it? That is in fact the Great Rebrand. It might not be so great as far as visual and a different concept, but it’s bringing true intention to what I wanted to do and seeing it through.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)


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