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Chris Jericho Reflects On Having Heat With Triple H


Chris Jericho and Triple H got off to a rocky start when the two started working together after Jericho joined WWE in 1999, with the two finally burying the hatchet well into their careers.

Jericho shared his opinion on why Triple H had such a strong dislike for him when he first joined WWE on the most recent episode of Talk is Jericho, which was recorded during a Jericho Chronicles live Q&A in London. Jericho said it was all because of the place Jericho had previously worked – WCW.

“There was a lot of animosity for real, because I had the audacity to come to WWE,” Jericho said. “People didn’t like it. They didn’t want WCW guys coming to WWE, because they felt we were inferior. So you could do ten things right, but if you did one thing wrong, you were under a microscope and you were in trouble. And those guys had pull, so they’d bury you to Vince.”

“I remember Triple H, when I first got there, he said ‘If you ever need anything, give me a call,’” Jericho said. “We were in San Jose, and I was trying to find directions to Stockton or somewhere like that. I went ‘I’ll call Triple H.He seems like a nice guy. This will be the start of our friendship.’

“So I call him, and he’s like ‘Hello, who’s this?’ ‘It’s Chris Jericho. Do you know how to get to Stockton?’ ‘You want to know how to get to Stockton? By a f*****g map.’ And I hear this laughter in the background of X-Pac and Road Dogg. He hangs up, and I’m like ‘Well there goes that friendship down the toilet.’”

“I almost got fired about a month in,” Jericho said. “I got called into a meeting with Vince, JR, and Blackjack Lanza and Vince said ‘The problem with you is the drizzling s***s. You’re not worth the paper your contract is printed on. You’re green as grass.’ I was like ‘Lighten up dude.’ There was a lot of heat, shall we say.”

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