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Bushwhacker Luke Discusses Pete Dunne Using The Name Butch


WWE Hall Of Famer Bushwhacker Luke did an interview with Sportskeeda to promote his book coming out called, “The Bushwhackers: Blood, Sweat, and Cheers.” Here are the highlights: 

Pete Dunne using the Butch name:

“I met him on an independent show. One hell of a worker, he’s one hell of a hand. He’s about 190-200 pounds but one hell of a worker.”

Luke continued considering his longtime partner was also named Butch, he said, “Yeah, that’s fine with us. I came up through the ranks and people helped me. When we came to North America we were already a proven team…I like to see talent coming up and getting a break. I thought that he would stay in NXT because of his size. They brought him up into a great situation.”

Getting the book published:

“The Kickstart we had went off like a bomb. We had people coming in very fast and we did very great. We did very good on the Kickstart and now we’re going worldwide with Amazon.

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